Easter Round-up. Rested and Recharged!

Easter Round-up. Rested and Recharged!

Easter weekend is over, but what a great recharge it was! How about you? Did you  have a good break?

Here’s a little recap of our last four days…

Friday was my hot cross bun baking day

Whew. They turned out better than last year’s!

I gave my Dad a pan, too!

And we painted a dozen eggs since none of us would be home on Saturday to do it.

Focused and hard at work!

But I was able to get a quick smile from all three 🙂

Kaleigh, Robbie (K’s boyfriend) and Clemens (aka hubby) 😉

Here’s a look at the good old fashioned masterpieces…

I even had a few eggs in there, too.

On Saturday hubby and I popped down to Sooke to visit our good friends, Steph, Mark and their boys.

Loved this walk along the beach. It was breezy and a little cool, but just so awesome to be out in the sunshine with friends!

On Sunday I got to be the Easter Bunny and hide the eggs. Remember, I wondered about bribing the teens with chocolate to hunt for the eggs?

Well, these got hidden beside each egg.

The bribe worked! The teens indulged me, and went searching for the hidden treasure 🙂 🙂 🙂

Then I set to work on the dinner prep.

Twice baked potatoes…

Honey & mustard glazed ham…

And hubby was on chocolate mousse for dessert!

I had fun setting the table and playing with my camera taking photographs of it…

I made sure everyone got a chocolate bunny, too!

Along with their Easter cards!

This got a smile from Dad!

I hope you had a great Easter weekend.

Now that it’s over, are you recharged and embracing this week, too?

We really enjoyed our weekend. It was a lot about slowing down and just taking this time. We stayed away from our computers, and opened our books instead. And it felt seriously amazing. My only set-back was a nasty burn when I was making the glaze for the ham. I splashed scalding hot honey all over my thumb… and yup, it’s blistered from knuckle to cuticle, no joke. Fun, right? Now it’s all bandaged up and latex gloves are my new best friend. Can I just say being all thumbs has taken on a whole new meaning! 😉



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Photos: Sheila Zeller

13 thoughts on “Easter Round-up. Rested and Recharged!”

  • I love the purple candles with those tulips! How pretty! And the photo of you out walking reminds me so much of a park near Nova Scotia we’ve been to several times. Ah, soon we will have to go back!

  • Your weekend definitely looks really refreshing! You are quite the Suzie homemaker, burn and all…you poor lady!! Hope that heals quickly:) Beautiful table setting and happy faces makes for a wonderful time indeed! Thanks for sharing Sheila!

  • Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. Love those tulips and they look so pretty on your table. My Mom used to make twice baked potatoes – I might need to request those soon as our special meal. I hope that finger heals up for you soon.

    • I usually make scalloped potatoes, but just wanted a change. We wanted a nice dinner, but not a big make-work dinner, so prepping the twice baked potatoes ahead just made things move along smoothly… And the teens loved them!

  • It all looks so nice Sheila. I had a quiet weekend with the family also- love the down time away from the computer. Beautiful set table and the food looks fantastic!!

    • You’re so awesome! Nope, don’t mind. We’ll be expecting you then 🙂 Burn is coming along, actually really well. Still have to be best friends with the rubber glove, and can’t wait to lose that!!!

  • Isn’t it fabulous when you get time with your family and that much fun!!! Minus the burn, I wish we could have every weekend as well rounded as yours. Sooke is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, isn’t it? One day you should save up and stay at Sooke Harbour House ….. amazing!!!

    • We had such a great weekend. It was so hard to get back into the swing of normal everyday. And when you look at what we did, it wasn’t really anything major or huge, it was just spending quality time together… without the distraction of the our computers. That’s what I think the biggest shift was. And getting to read. I actually got through a bunch of my magazines! Loved that!!! And you’re right, Sooke is just gorgeous. I love the beach and the ocean so much… one day, one day we’ll stay at the Sooke Harbour House 🙂

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