Empty Planters. What to Do?

Empty Planters. What to Do?

We are in the middle of unpacking and box mayhem, but the urge to prettify spots of our outdoor living is tugging at me. Well actually it’s more like a pull, especially after reading Shauna’s post from Satori Design for Living featuring geraniums. I love geraniums – we understand each other, and so they grow! 😉

Just yesterday I moved our empty planters around that made the cut for the move.

Planter Prep

You might remember my vintage milk crates turned planters that I put together last year. If not, here’s a photo to see what I did.

Vintage Milk Crate Planters

We’re half way through this year’s summer season, so I’m not really sure what to do. I would love to quickly pot up some bright, colourful geraniums for a splash of outdoor cheer, but that wasn’t really on my task list.

Moving is hard work. It’s tiring and there’s so much to do. I find the biggest hurdle is prioritizing what to do. I love the possibilities of a new space, I feel energized and inspired, and just want to get started on all the fun stuff at once… but that doesn’t really unpack the boxes now does it?

What would you do? Would you pot up a few geraniums for what’s left of our summer, or would you opt out for the unpacked boxes lurking in every corner waiting for you?

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

14 thoughts on “Empty Planters. What to Do?”

  • Hi,Of course you put some leftover Geraniums from the store into your pots – why – you ill be staring at this empty pots until the summer is over, just last week Friday I planted some dried out, root heavy “Pineapple Sage because I never did get around to Go to Minters( The only place around here who has that plant and it flowers “til December)
    .Love Ursula

    • Yes Ula, you are so right! So tell me, besides geraniums what else would you plant? I’ve got the pots scattered on the side steps that lead from the back yard up to the deck – so that side is a little shadier… and I know geraniums like lots of sun! Whatever goes in there has to be tough and low maintenance!

  • That’s a tough one! I definitely need to get rid of boxes when we move, but the garden always beckons me to get to know it. So my thought for you is to wait a couple more weeks till the fall things start showing up at the nursery and then pop some mums into those planters. That way, you’ll have colour but it will be fresh nd seasonal.

    • Thank you so much Suzanne! I love vintage milk crates, and when I bought this one the shop owner also had ones for sale that he had painted black. I love black, but in this case really wanted the authenticity of the aged and weather crate. I’m hoping to pot this one up before the weekend is through! 🙂

  • I noticed a few places still have annuals kicking around, but you could also plant some herbs. Or perhaps your new neighbours have some perennials they need to clean up. Seems like I’m always trying to give some away. Hope you’re starting to settle in!

    • Now those are great ideas Shauna! Clemens really wants to get some herbs on the go, so that might be a perfect option. I have unpacked a million boxes, but I still have a sea of them facing me. Today was the last day at the old house to finish up with the carpet cleaners. I feel like now that I don’t have to run back there I can really settle in and just get to the bottom of these boxes!!

  • I think you should go for the Geraniums in the planters you brought – you’re going to have guests come though your new house right?? They are pretty low-maintenance so you can enjoy them as well without tending to them too much.

    • I agree Heather, and have promised myself that by this weekend I will head out and see what I can find. That’s my happy-medium to tackle more unpacking and have a reward at the end to look forward to! 🙂

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