‘Ikat’ Comes Home

‘Ikat’ Comes Home

What is Ikat, besides a fabulous punctuation in decor?

Ikat is… in my home now in the form of 3 toss cushions! And even better, I paid less for them than the amount they were marked down. I definitely was not in search of decorative cushions, when I came across this bargain deal and couldn’t resist…

I wasn’t sure what my hubby would think of them, and was caught ‘off guard’ when suddenly he walked through the door – cushions barely out of the bag, and definitely not presented. In fact, the tags were still on them! He noticed them right away, and believe it or not, the words that came out of his mouth were, “Hey you bought some ikat pillows. Cool.”

What I think is cool, is that he knows what ikat is!

Ikat, pronounced (ēkät′), is a weaving technique where a pattern is created in a fabric from tie-dyed thread.

Our TV room (meaning mine and his, as our daughter has her own TV room) is a grayish-blue, very tiny, and was in need of some ‘pop’. The TV is wall-mounted above a black console opposite the loveseat.

I have the overhead lights on here, but generally this room tends to be on the ‘dark side’, and we’ve yet to find any lamps we like that also fit the scale of the room. For now we use this halogen reading lamp, and we have another not-so-wonderful lamp in the opposite corner. There is a long black leather ottoman in front of the loveseat that sits on an area rug, but I pulled it out of the way to take this shot. Can you tell how small this room is?

Here’s a ‘before ikat’ view:

The fabric is hand-printed and came from Japan; it was a gift to my husband from some clients he was working with at the time. We thought it was so beautiful that we turned it into a wall hanging… Funny, the top looks thread-bare, but it’s really not.

And here’s the same view, but this time with the ikat cushions.

I know ikat isn’t for everyone, but right now it’s a very popular choice in decor options. Is ikat for you?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Ikat definition from Your Dictionary

Photos: Sheila Zeller

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