Fab Bar Stools For Us!

Fab Bar Stools For Us!

Ever since we moved into this home we have been keeping bar stools in the back of our mind. We have a breakfast bar, but without stools. So it’s really just been a feature that allows us to prepare dinner and still be part of the conversation beyond the kitchen prep area.

Do you remember this VERY early ‘Before’ photo?

Yes, this would be prior to any moving in taking place!

And then you might remember this post when I described to-die-for bar stools I had found on ebay – Mid-Century Modern finds… only they were in Australia 🙁 This is what they looked like…


But I got over it!

We even stopped thinking about bar stools for a while. Until last week when I started poking around Used Victoria, Used Cowichan, etc. And then, there they were! 3 Mid-Century Modern stools at an awesome price. But the ad was dated back to October. On spec, we decided to follow through anyway.

And they were available! So we set off to Victoria on our bar stool adventure to check them out. I’ll cut to the chase, and just say that we bought them. I had the camera with me, but didn’t take any pictures until we got home… you know how it goes!

We gave the frames a little wipe-down…

And used a leather cleaner on the seats.

And then a leather conditioner after that.

Here’s the cognac stool before the conditioner…

And after the conditioner, but before it was fully absorbed in.

This really shows you how much the leather needed it! We’re just happy the seats are leather, and we wont’ stop conditioning them any time soon.

So as it turns out, there was apparently a lot of interest in the stools, but they are higher than normal standard, and wouldn’t fit under most breakfast bars.

Not a problem for the height of our bar!

And once you’re sitting in them, they’re actually the perfect height. We gave them a test run that very night!

Here are a few more angles… just because I can’t resist 🙂

I love the shadows on the floor. And the moody feeling the stools create in this light…

Did you notice there are only 3 legs, not 4 on each stool?

And how about the double hoops? Most stools will have 4 legs and a single hoop footrest, if there’s a hoop at all.

We’re loving the lines of these pieces, and the extra details.

Can I just say we’re pretty excited?

And I really want to give a shout out to Andrew, the person we bought the stools from. He was awesome. Super knowledgeable, and gave us a heads-up on a few different Mid-Century Modern auction opportunities. He also told us about the Modern Eye: Craft and Design in Canada exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria… but the details on that are saved for another day! 😉 Oh, if you’re interested in seeing this exhibition , the last day is this Sunday, November 27th.

Have you found any great deals lately? Are you looking for anything special? Where do you like to go searching???

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10 thoughts on “Fab Bar Stools For Us!”

  • Oh I love them! So ironic as I just posted something today about an auction book I had picked up and since discovered an auction venue not too far from where we live that I need to check out at some point – not to buy (at least by the look of the prices) but to observe and drool! 🙂 Really love the unique look of these bar stools – great score.

    • Hi Pauline!
      Sorry for the delayed reply – I’ve been very under the weather all week, so wasn’t doing much on my computer at all 😐 Yesterday was my first semi-back at it day.
      Thank you for the invitation! We were able to take this exhibit in last Sunday, but I’d love to join you for others, so rain check? I hope you get to go, because it really is incredible to see the pieces close up. Enjoy ‘Out of Hand’, btw… was in our plans for today, but now we’re just staying close to home to battle this bug Ggrrrrr.

  • Sheila, these stools are to die for! Love the lines! The other great thing about them is the height…it’s so hard to find in something you adore (which just happens to my dilemma at the moment). What a great find and I love the colour of the one stool, that leather looks sumptuous! They definitely fit in with your beautiful home:)

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