Firewood as a Feature

Firewood as a Feature

Does this remind you of your youthful years? Anyone?


Well, maybe not the cabin, but how about packing firewood?

As kids this was a chore my brother and I had to share. My Dad had a huge shed where the rounds were cut and stacked to dry. And then in our basement there was a floor-to-ceiling area framed off in two sections to the stack wood in. One side was mine to keep filled, the other my brother’s. And this was the wood we used for our fireplace. So by the time we burned it, it was well cured.

This photo reminds me of our firewood in the basement, complete with the bike!


Except that the stack of wood would’ve been divided in two, and the end was framed with 2x4s instead of rounds of wood. Oh, and my 10-speed was blue!

So with that little walk down memory lane, I thought it would be fun to share some photos featuring firewood in decor. With the weather getting wetter and colder outside, it’s important to keep your firewood dry.

Did you know that burning wet wood can cause creosote, which can in turn build up in your chimney and be a potential chimney fire waiting to happen?


The moisture content in your firewood should not exceed 16%. You can check this with a moisture meter.


How about this for storing firewood?


Not only is this Mid-Century Modern living room fab, but honestly, what about that firewood container? Isn’t it an incredible piece of creativity?

I love the way the firewood frames this fireplace.


What’s not to love about stacked firewood when it’s featured like this? I think it really emphasizes the chalet feeling of the roof line… how about you?

And when I see this Bertoia Diamond Chair nestled beside the stacked wood…


All I want to do is curl up. Do you think the fire is burning?

I love the feeling of this space, especially the firewood featured beside the glass-faced cupboard. And I really like the way the panes are trimmed in unpainted wood.


Can you spot the fireplace in this room?

Wire and wood. Wood and wire.


Side-by-side. This time it’s Bertoia Side Chairs partnered up with sideboard trollies loaded with firewood. Pretty cool.

But stacked wood and champagne?


I’d say it’s a great fit… and it looks like someone else thought so too 😉

But if all this wood is feeling a little too, well, woodsy for you…


You can always add colour!

Don’t let the function of storing dry wood get in the way of a great interior. As you can see from these spaces, stacked wood can be an added feature in your decor. It’s all in how you choose to embrace it.


They key to featuring stacked firewood without it overpowering the room is to keep the space around it bright and airy. Did you notice, most of these spaces are finished in neutrals and there’s a lot of natural light coming in too? Just something to keep in mind.

Do you have a wood burning fireplace? How do you store your firewood?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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