Five Steps to Global Décor

Five Steps to Global Décor

Today I am pleased to welcome Joanna Crain from Design Shuffle to share her insights into global décor. Thank you so much for your visit Joanna!


The world of global shopping awaits the smart decorator. Adding a few international accents and patterns can create an interesting and unique room. There are five easy steps to creating a gorgeous global décor for your home. Once done you’ll look and feel like a world traveller if you aren’t one already! Here are the interior design ideas to get you there.

A Moroccan Souk (via) 71 Miles

2 Ports and Shopping (via)

Look for handmade. One of the greatest things about global décor is that the pieces are typically handmade. Handmade, carved, turned, and decorated furniture and accents have a one of a kind feeling to them.

Admiralty Antiques (via)

Buy authentic pieces. If you are buying Mexican pottery, make sure it is made in Mexico and not China. If you are looking for antique pieces, be aware there are many reproductions out there. Buy from a reputable dealer and do your homework. (via)

Keep things simple. When adding global accents to a room, the simpler the better. An antique Tibetan rug, like the 19th century versions above, or Moroccan rug can add color and subtle pattern to your room. One or two pieces of global inspired accents or décor give a room an international feeling. Too many and the space feels like an import store.

Alibaba (via)

Add color. Use colorful imports, like this collection of Vietnamese lacquer ware, to add pops of color to your table or room. Simple shapes and solid colors help these accents feel modern. These items are great inspiration if you are looking for kitchen design ideas!

Brandon Neff Design (via)

Embrace pattern. Global textiles are a fabulous way to add pattern to a room. Suzani embroidery seen above, ikat, wax cloth, and batik are popular fabrics for pillows, curtains and upholstery. Ceramics and metalwork are also interesting ways to add pattern to your home.

Beverly Boswell (via)

This elegant interior by Beverly Boswell has a subtle global influence. A mix of Chinese antiques and traditional furnishings creates a worldly room that doesn’t feel too themed. Viewing Beverly’s work is always sure to give you additional decorating ideas.

Once Upon a Tea Time (via)

A modern interior that is full of global elements is colorful and interesting— nothing like a bazaar. A bright blue Moroccan pouf, a graphic ethnic rug and ceramic tea pot all work together to create a cool, global feeling.


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