Flower Power!

Flower Power!

I was in Vancouver this weekend and popped into Park Royal’s Home Sense on my way home. I didn’t come away empty-handed! In fact I was pretty excited to show my daughter the new pieces for her TV room…

A little tufted stool (which can multi-purpose as a small table when paired with a tray):

If you look closely you can see some bronze-coloured streaking running through the brown. That was one reason I thought this would work. Do you remember the chair purchased for this room not too long ago? Oops, I see some fibre dustings on one corner… pretend you don’t see those!

Here is the area rug that left the fibres on the stool!

I thought this rug was so much fun, and it picks up on some of the key colours going on in the room. It just seems so happy and cheerful to me, and it’s 100% wool to top it off.

So… when I asked my daughter what she thought, she said she really liked the stool, but she thought the rug was unnecessary! Poof. My little excitement swiftly brought under control… She did say she liked the rug (called it flower power!), and even if it was unnecessary, thought it would look good. I guess flower power is good?

So there you have it. A few more pieces for a teenager’s TV room. One of which is deemed ‘unnecessary’… of the pieces that is, not the teenager or the room! Do you like this unnecessary addition?

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Photos: Sheila Zeller

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2 thoughts on “Flower Power!”

  • Hey there! I stumbled upon these Sprice rugs at TJ
    Maxx this past Fall. The tag identified it as made in India and 100% wool and also indicated other sizes. I have unsuccessfully been all over the World Wide Web looking to find Sprice Area Rugs because I would like to purchase a coordinating larger size. Your Website is the only place I have had any luck at finding out anything at all about this collection. Imagine my surprise when you pictured the exact same rug! Yes,I too love it! Any suggestions as to how I can find out where to locate these fun rugs? And PS the backing does come off in a fine dust but I still don’t care!

    • Hi Ruthie,
      I picked up my rug at Home Sense, and this was the only size they had. I would ask at rug specialty outlets to get started. In the meantime, I will put the question out on Twitter and see if I get anything back… Will let you know if I have any success! Thank you for your inquiry.

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