For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the Love of Rusty Old Things

For the love of rusty old things…

There’s no way to really describe it. You either love it or you don’t. But if you have a love for rusty old things, then this post will make sense to you…

In one word, art.

Artistic Rust

Source: ehow

I love the colour of the turquoise as it bubbles and cracks against the rust.

Vintage links of hardworking chain…

Vintage Chain

Source: Small Studio Blog

So dramatic in a pile like this.

An old bolt… jewellery against this coarse grain of wood.

Rusty Bolt as Art

SZInteriors Photo

And a truly repurposed piece, this clock is made of ‘found’ objects!

Repurposed Rusty Clock

Source: Etsy (Paula Art)

What’s your guess? Do you know what the first life of each object might have been?

And for all my buddy DIY-ers out there,

Rusty Art

Source: Squidoo

This paintbrush is for you!

Love these vintage square-cut nails.

Rusty Steam Punk Art

Source: Etsy (Gazaboo)

Which have been classified as ‘Steam Punk’ art!

I have a thing for doors and their great hardware.

Rusty Latch

Source: Pinterest

And I bet this latch looks better now than when it was new!

Weathered wood and a rusty hay fork.

Rusty Hay Fork

Source: Etsy (Find 4 You)

Somehow farm tools get me every time.

Could this be the last spike in these railway ties?

Rusty Spike & Bolt

SZInteriors Photo

How about that for a supersized nut and bolt?

This vignette is a collection of vintage whimsy.

Rusty Kitchen Scale

Source: Etsy (Junque Gypsy)

And what’s not to love about the all American Family scale?

I love, love, LOVE the colours in this photo.

Peeling Green Paint Rusty Fence

Source: Cul de Sac via Pinterest

So deep and rich, especially with the tangerine tango of the leaves! The weather today feels like it could be autumn all over again…

Would you put these on top of your wrought iron fence?

Rusty Art

Source: French Laundry Blog

Would you give them a makeover or leave them just the way they are?

I bet you’ll never guess what this rusty piece is…

Photoshop a Rusty Surface

Source: Tripwire Magazine

Would you believe it’s actually created in Photoshop? This is not a real object, it is layers of colour, texture and special effects! And no, I didn’t create this. I only wish I did!

What’s your style? Do you like rusty old stuff, or do you prefer some glam and shine?

Thanks for stopping by!

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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Rusty Old Things”

  • I’m more of a glam & shine girl, but there’s something about old rusty things that also appeals to me. I think about the history of them – who used them, what were they used for, what did they look like when they were brand new, how long was it till they become old and rusted…. Plus they have so much character, and “rust” is actually a really pretty colour (or variation of colours).

    And there’s just something about rusty metal & rustic wood that’s so charming ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love, love your pictures… it made me think of France- red wine, bread and cheese… beautful… really beautiful…

  • Yup, rust is definitely interesting. As for inspiration, I consider myself an artist and the inspiration is like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Don’t worry, you will get that inspiration back 10 fold!!!!! I think that we get inspired by simple things that we may see along the way but we as artists have to be open to it. Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not. It’s good to lose it sometimes so that we appreciate it when it comes back.

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