Fratelli Reguitti: Sometimes Major Changes Are Just Small Tweaks!

Fratelli Reguitti: Sometimes Major Changes Are Just Small Tweaks!

You might have seen this little teaser from the weekend…

Fratelli RegiuttiAre you wondering what it is?

This piece is not major in terms of its size or even addition to the actual decor, but it is a major piece when it comes down to function and feelin’ the love!

It is designed for, and destined to take care of scenarios like this… gotta love those cords!

Before the Valet (2a)

Anyone else out there appreciate? No, honey, I’m not throwing you under the bus! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You see, I am partly responsible…

A few years back in a moment of empathetic male camaraderie, ย my Dad handed over his clothing valet to hubs. But somehow it ended up becoming a place to hang my grandmother’s quilt, and well, aย DIY project for me!ย Hehem…

So lately I’ve sort of been keeping my eyes open for a replacement valet while on my treasure hunting rounds, and finally last week this 1950s Fratelli Regiutti option appeared!

Fratelli Regiutti Gentleman's Valet

Fratelli Regiutti, an Italian designer behind some well known 1950s furniture pieces including this gentleman’s valet, and variations of it. Don’t you love that, a gentleman’s valet? They were originally made to hang up suits. You can see from the teaser pic, how well made Regiutti valets are. All I really had to do was give this piece a wash-down, clean up the brass shoe rails, and wax the wood. This piece is not at risk of a makeover… for now.

Once in place, this is what happened to hub’s corner of the lair…

Fratelli Regiutti Gentleman's Valet

Yes, the boxes were hidden underneath! And,ย I promised not to ‘borrow’ this valet for any other use!

What small tweaks have you made that impact major change? Have you ever heard of Fratelli Reguitti? What do you think of his gentleman’s valet?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use! ๐Ÿ™‚







15 thoughts on “Fratelli Reguitti: Sometimes Major Changes Are Just Small Tweaks!”

  • What a gorgeous piece. It just screams 50’s design. As much as I enjoy the look we will never have one. My husband likes to pile on any surface that will accomodate it. I can just imagine what this lovely piece would look like with 10 layers of clothing strewn across the top ;(

    • You made me laugh! 10 layers of clothing strewn across the top just wouldn’t do – that would be it’s tipping point and mine, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course, if the tables were turned, I would be quite fine with my own 10 layers hanging around!!

    • Thank you Anne! I hope you find at least one – they really are super handy – and if you do, I’m guessing your special DIY touch will give it a great identity, too!

    • Thank you Kathryn! I was pretty excited to find this one – I’ve seen others, but the hanger part on this one is what sold me – it’s perfect for men’s button-up shirts. The valet I kind of ‘borrowed’ for my Gran’s quilt doesn’t have that feature, so in the end this one must have been meant to be!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I read this post the other night in bed, while on my phone… note to self, stop reading posts you want to comment on on your phone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love this piece, I wonder how my Hub’s uniform would look on one… hmmmm!

    • Now it’s my turn, Laurie! I haven’t been able to get to all my ‘fun’ stuff except in quick dashes on my phone for over a week, and when I read your comment it was the same case for me! You Hub’s uniform would look awesome on this piece, seriously! There’s something so ‘presented’ and ‘proud’ about it – perfect for a uniform in my opinion!!!

  • My husband, the clothes horse, would love this (especially if I got it ready for him every night)! I think he gets tired of picking stuff out day after day. Lucky for me, I get to throw on whatever I want unless I’m meeting a client (so glad I don’t have to dress to impress every day!).

  • I love these valet stands. I have two of them, both Fratelli Reguitti. One is a teak dual stand (where the trousers hang on a separate stand from the jacket/shirt) from the 1950s, and the other is a single stand from the early 1960s.

    Here’s the funny thing about these stands. I’ve seen the dual valet being sold on the internet for as much as $1500 (I’m sure it’s highly inflated), and the single for as high as $500. I got both of mine at thrift stores for less than $10 each (and about a year apart from each other)! So if you’re looking for one, just keep an eye out at your local thrift stores, and chances are you’ll find one!

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