FREE Desk – Pleeeease Take Me Away!

If you visited my blog here and here, then you know all about the lamp destined to sit on a little furniture redo!

This desk was in the classifieds, FREE for anyone wanting to take it away! And since a desk was on the wish list, we took it away!


Believe it or not, there were actually more stickers on the top than you see here, but I started to peel them away before I remembered the ‘before’ photo. Ooops!

This desk had seen better times, and was definitely worse for wear!

Notice how the top left drawer is sitting crooked? Every drawer glide was broken or missing on all the drawers except the top right, so they needed to be replaced.

The backing on the desk was also loose and in need of some extra reinforcement.

I used small finishing nails, and nailed them between all the existing staples.

Sometimes it took 2 or 3 nails between staples as so many were non-existent!

And then the hardware! It was either missing, or falling apart.

So new hardware was a must.

It was hard to decide which way to go, but a trip to ReStore and this is what I pulled together.

Solid, and only $1.25 a piece.

I gave them a go ’round with Rub ‘N Buff in ‘European Gold’ thinking they’d look better a little dulled down.

Can I just say, they came out all wrong! See the scratches, and the lumps? Epic FAIL! So I removed all the Rub ‘N Buff with paint thinner and decided to leave the hardware alone.

I was pretty sure the shiny gold would look just fine with ‘Sweet & Juicy’ (P5072-85), the colour I was painting the desk.

Canadian Home Trends: What's Hot for 2012

Home Trends: Marc Atiyolil

This paint was a complimentary gallon from Para Paints, and I’ve only used just a wee bit of it for my Summer Pinterest Challenge. So I’ve been dying to give it a try on a piece of furniture!

After two coats of primer, I gave the desk 3 coats of Sweet & Juicy including the back, and opted for 4 coats on the desk top. Overkill, maybe, but those last coats really made a big difference.

This is the first coat.

If you look close, notice how streaky it is? Looks like I rolled the paint on, but every coat was brushed. And by the time all the coats were finished the streaking was long gone!

Let’s take a look!

Desk Redo - Para Paints 'Sweet & Juicy' P5072-85

Sea to Canvas Abstract Art

Desk Painted with Para Paints 'Sweet & Juicy' P5072-85

I’m really happy with how this desk turned out. And I think the hardware works great in its original state!

Desk Painted in Orange - Para Paints P5072-85 'Sweet & Juicy'

 Abstract Painting by Sea to Canvas

What do you think? Here’s a quick little look back.

We went from this…

To this…

Replacement Desk Hardware from ReStore

To this!

Desk Painted in Orange - Para Paints P5072-85 'Sweet & Juicy'

What do you think of Para Paint’s ‘Sweet & Juicy’ colour? When I picked it out, I wanted something that was in keeping with Pantone’s tangerine tango, and I think this colour definitely is!

In a little over a week I’ll be delivering this desk to the home of the redesign project. Until then I get to enjoy it for a bit!

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A super big thanks for hosting, Cassie…


Photography: Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated. 

37 thoughts on “FREE Desk – Pleeeease Take Me Away!”

  • only you can pull this one off, tangerine tango for a wooden desk? my first thought was omg not orange – but it works, looks amazing ( of course my painting has nothing to do with it).

    • Your painting sets it off perfectly! Too funny, though – who would’ve thought the gal who does black in a big way would swing to this, right? We’ll be sad (but in a good way) to see the desk go, because it’s such a cheerful pop of colour, and is totally working with the changing leaves of fall right now. What makes me happy is knowing how much its new owner will appreciate it 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Carol! What a great compliment coming from the lady who has transformed a million things into great pieces! I’m still dreaming about your filing cabinet makeover – now, that was fab!

    • Thank you, Kelly! I lucked out on the hardware, because I was really convinced the European Gold would be so much better… but now that I see it all come together, I don’t think it would’ve been as effective. Whew! For some reason Rub’N Buff & I have a strained relationship when it comes to redoing hardware 😉

    • Thanks Cassie! I have it here for another week, and then have to let it go. It’s amazing how cheery this colour makes the corner I have the desk sitting in 🙂 I’m thinking I might need to do something for me in this colour, too!

    • Thanks Victoria! This has been such a fun project to do because of the colour. It’s so bright, and happy – I love it too! And I’m pretty sure the home it’s going to will give it lots of love 🙂

  • I have to admit, I didn’t think I was going to like that color so much but the desk turned out GREAT. I love it and that vignette that you created is perfect. And thanks for the link to the artwork, is that a family member of yours? I really love the piece that you have in your photo, but I checked out her website and I like a lot of her work (which appears to be for sale too). I’ll have to look into some of her work a little further.

    • Thank you, Holly… and I know what you mean. I think that paint colour was taking a risk, but I’m happy with the outcome – so cheerful and bright! It helps that the desk was FREE 😉 The artist is my mother-in-law. She is an abstract painter, and works mainly in acrylics. She does sell her work, and it’s available through her blog site (the one I linked), and as well through the distributer on my sidebar link. She works mostly in bright, bold colours – not too many pastels, but you will find some. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at her site – she’ll be pleased to hear that!

    • Thanks, Meesh! I think the desk has a bit of a history – I had to sand carved names and ‘things’ out of it before I could tackle the actual painting. And the stickers I was peeling were definitely telling a story, from the young age of a person to the more independent teen years… I’m really hoping to reveal it in its new home – it just depends on how the owners are doing with the ‘to do’ list for the room this is going in to. I did a one-day reorganize/redesign in the main areas of their home, and left them with a list for the rest of the home while I tackled the desk. They don’t live in this community, so next weekend is the delivery date, and we’ll see how things are going… Fingers are crossed! 🙂

    • I love that, ‘Junk Sister’! Who ever would’ve thought, right? 😉 I’m happy to get to enjoy the desk for a little bit before having to let it go, but I think the new owners will be great owners, so that makes me really happy. That’s what I love best about all of this, is seeing the smiles on other’s faces 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Pauline! I know what you mean about the surprise behind orange – me, too! Ursula’s work is usually in bold, bright colours, so this one really worked well, and it was nice to be able to feature it in the vignette…

    • Thank you so much, Nicole! The colour was a leap of faith, for sure, but I’m so happy we went bold. On Saturday I’m delivering the desk to its new owner, and I already know I’m going to miss that splash of orange in the corner!

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