Curb Appeal from Post to Post: You’ve Got Mail!

Curb Appeal from Post to Post: You’ve Got Mail!

With Canada Post out on strike, I’m noticing curbside drop boxes a little more right now. And what I’ve noticed is that the mail slots are sealed shut because of the strike. But that aside, I do think they have cheerful curb appeal, well most do…

This one has a streak of individuality, don’t you think?


Now this one is more like it, at least more like what you would normally see at curbside throughout the Country…


Many are in better shape than this one, others worse, but this is it.

This one is a little more unusual, but there’s no mistaking what it is!


Do you have any like this one near you?

Now this one is awesome. It reminds me of a Henna tattoo!


Wouldn’t it be so much fun if all the drop boxes had this much detail? Curb appeal gets a tattoo!

Or this type of emphasis on artistic application…


Each drop box could be painted with a different mural. Now that would put a new perspective on detail!

But what about the receiving end? Ever wonder what kind of mailboxes receive the letters from these drop boxes?

Here are a few…

Starting with Vancouver’s Granville Island.


Love the artsy flair…

And this one you’ll find in Toronto.


Isn’t the turquoise fab on the brick?

Or maybe your letter will head overseas.


And find a home in one of these mailboxes in Taiwan! Aren’t these great?

The Coast is always an option too.


Who wouldn’t want to make a stop in California, afterall? Especially with a view like this!

Or maybe even go to the land down under?


Like Wilmot, Australia! Now these are creative and different… even a little creepy for curbside! I think I would just keep going.

Of course you could take a step back in time…


And find yourself at Acorn Antiques. I think these vintage mailboxes are very cool.

But back in time doesn’t have to mean lost in time…


Unless of course you want to lose yourself in Italy! These mailboxes have a flair for the ornate – very fitting.

Maybe you would like to explore the lands of the Orient.


How does China sound to you?

Or Old Jaffa?


…in Israel.

Have you ever been to Old Odessa?


In the Ukraine? I’m fascinated by the script on these boxes!

After all the travel, you know you’re home when…


You find these in your mailbox! And mine might just look like this with the backlog from the strike. I’m anticipating my shelter magazines ‘post’ haste post strike 😉

When you think about it, the mail system is actually pretty incredible. We’ve come to expect so much, but there was a time when there was no system at all!

And isn’t it interesting to see how different the mailboxes can be from one place to the next? What do you think about the curb appeal these mail boxes have to offer? Have you thought about your own lately?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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  • Mine is doing fine…. it’s a pretty one, actually I think mail boxes should be interesting, beautiful. I couldn’t neglect mine. 🙂

    This post is super interesting, Sheila.

    Have a blessed week!


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