Going for Gold… Inspiration for Kaleigh’s Room

Going for Gold… Inspiration for Kaleigh’s Room

Kaleigh and I went fabric shopping for inspiration to re-cover her throw pillows… all 14 assorted sizes of them! Our jump-off was supposed to be the already purchased zebra striped fabric slated for her storage chest redo. And I thought we were working out from there. Have you ever taken a 16 year old to a fabric store?

At first there was ‘nothing here Mom’. But as we were about to leave suddenly there it was. And in that moment I knew she had fallen in love – I could see it right away. In a whirlwind the zebra stripe was being kicked to the curb, and it was all about the gold. How did that happen?

Here is where Kaleigh is going now…

The gold fabric will re-cover her storage chest, and 5 of her 14 pillows. The black and beige are burlap, also for pillows. And the turquoise fabric has been introduced because her last room was painted in BM 2048-50 Tropicana Cabana (see that room here).

Kaleigh says she loved that colour and never got tired of it, so she wants to bring it into this room too. The turquoise fabric was another love-at-first-sight choice, and luckily we got the last of it in exactly the amount we needed! Whew.

So the plan is to keep her black duvet and matching pillow shams seen here in her old room…

…re-cover her existing 9 pillows (you can see 6 of them here), and buy 5 more to also cover (that’s how we will end up with 14!). I tried to convince her that a Chevron pattern incorporating a blend of her choices would be quite effective. She opted out, but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve never sewn a Chevron pattern yet, and really just wanted to give it a try 😉

We’re also looking for a 2nd-hand console-type piece that we can re-purpose into a pretty TV stand (is there such a thing?). We’re planning to paint it out in the Tropicana Cabana with a high gloss finish, and hopefully it will need some gold pulls or glass knobs. After that a chair, possibly a slipper chair… details yet to be determined!

This is what Kaleigh’s room looks like right now… well not ‘right’ now. She is moved in, but is still in half unpacked chaos!

In spite of the builder’s beige, Kaleigh isn’t sure about changing paint colours just yet. She wants to live in her space for a while and get the feel for it, so we’ll see where that decision goes once all of the above is accomplished.

For now I have my work cut out for me!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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7 thoughts on “Going for Gold… Inspiration for Kaleigh’s Room”

    • Kaleigh has a good eye, but she’s way more conservative than she believes. It’s kind of fun to stand back and watch her make choices and throw out options. Will be fun to see her room take shape…

  • This is so sweet! I can’t wait for my daughter to grow so we can do the same thing! She loves interior design. It’s so cute.

    I love the fabrics. Great taste!

    I hope you have a wonderful day, my dear friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    • Thank you Luciane! I’m blown away by the gold. I never in a million years thought Kaleigh would go for something like that pattern because she’s been so into her black, and skateboard kind of style. She caught me totally by surprise! 🙂 But in a very good way!

  • Sounds like fun! Personally the turquoise/black/gold combination isn’t really doing it for me seeing it all stacked up like that….but maybe it’ll look more tied-together when it’s on the pillows 🙂 I still feel though that a third colour would tie it all together; something darker to bridge between the light colours and the black – either a darker turquoise or forest green, or a cool dark chocolate brown? A lighter colour like a pale yellow or blue would tie the two light colours together even better, but I feel like it would make the black feel too left out.

  • Love the gold fabric and the mix of colours and textures (burlap)! You could still incorporate one or 2 zebra-print pillows into this mix, especially since she’s keeping her black duvet. Looks like a fun project!!

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