Good Things Come in Small Spaces

Good Things Come in Small Spaces

Good things come in small spaces… or is it that you can put good things into small spaces if you maximize every square inch?

When I saw these spaces, I was impressed with the creativity and imagination that went into utilizing them. I decided to ask my 16-year-old daughter Kaleigh what she thought of them. So starting with the one she liked most to her least favorite, here’s what she had to say…

Space #1

Kaleigh: This space feels lofty and cozy, and it’s the most interesting because of it’s cool angles.


Well, what more can I say? It is lofty and cozy, and there’s definitely architectural interest at play! She also said she loves that it really is a mini loft with the bed in it!

Space #2

Kaleigh: I love this cozy little nook. I just want to curl up and read in it. It’s small but big enough, and I LOVE the comfy cushions!


I’ve always had a thing for window seats, and even though this one is a mini-mini version, I was instantly drawn to it. Everything about it. It’s like a little escape from the world where you can still watch the world go by.

Space #3

Kaleigh: I like how this space feels clean and uncluttered. It’s inviting and organized. It doesn’t really feel like a nook, but I like it.


I am totally loving the use of this area. It’s perfect for what could potentially be wasted space. I think the attention to detail is awesome with the arched ceiling over the desk, and the heavy-duty file drawers are pure function. I’m wondering about the area above the drawers – maybe there are shelves open to the desk. What do you think? I also like that the desk area is so well lit.

Space #4

Kaleigh: I love the bookshelves up high. It’s interesting and nice.


I really like the ingenuity of creating bookshelves between the floor joists. And what I like so much is the use of what would otherwise be dead space. The books are out of the way, yet still accessible. How creative is that?

Space #5

Kaleigh: I don’t really like this one. It looks too cluttered with everything out in the open, but it is a good use of space.


I can see where Kaleigh is coming from, but I can also see how much thought was put into this area. The books are organized by colour, and there is definitely intention to how the shelves are presented. What I like best is how the screen is integrated into the shelving. It just blends in rather than taking over the area as the focal point. If you look closely at the screen you can see a bed in the reflection. Do you think this could be a student’s room in a dorm?

I’m always fascinated with small spaces and curious about how they are treated. Even if an area doesn’t have a lot of square footage doesn’t mean it’s a waste of space. It’s only wasted if you don’t utilize it!

Tip: One of the best ways to max out your space is to go vertical. Be creative, floor to ceiling, with your storage choices and you will get the most out of your space every time!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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4 thoughts on “Good Things Come in Small Spaces”

    • I so agree… that’s why I love getting her feedback. She just says it the way she feels it, and it’s such a good measure for me. I love the look of open, soaring… but I feel way more at home in comfy and cozy…

  • i cant help but get addicted on your post, specially Kaleigh’s comments, she’s cool.

    i Have a small room, lots of books and still increasing, so im thinking of having bookshelves on the ceiling. I really like #1, as i said I love reading and i would love to spend my free time reading books on that area, and i would stick glow in the dark stuff on the wall. And #2 is refreshing, wants you to hang out on that area while sipping hot choco.

    • What a nice compliment, Marticia! Thank you so much 🙂 Kaleigh is pretty cool – I value her feedback because she’s got a great eye and really good instincts. That doesn’t mean we always agree, but that’s not a bad thing either 😉 She just keeps it refreshingly real. I’ll pass your comment on to her – she’ll love it!!!

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