Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!

With the news that Picnik will be closing on April 19, 2012…

Picnic closing image

From www.picnik.com

And this great post, ‘Blog Housekeeping: Subscribe & Follow Options‘ by {aka}|design, I thought it was a good idea that I do a little housekeeping myself.

Back in November 2011, Google announced they will be shutting down ‘underperforming’ services, and one of them is Google Friend Connect. This will affect those of us who are on WordPress, but if you use Blogger, you’re fine. Click here to read the full article if you missed it.

So here’s what’s up.

If you follow me on Google Friend Connect, I will have removed that option from my site by the time you read this. I’d really appreciate it if you would choose one of the following options to subscribe to SZInteriors if you haven’t already…

These are the ways you can subscribe to my blog, and all you have to do is click on them:

RSS Feed - social media icon

networked blogs - social media icon

Following me isn’t the same as subscribing to my blog, so it would be awesome if you would follow me too! Here’s where you’ll find me:

facebook social media icon

pinterest icon

With technology constantly changing, every once in a while a clean sweep of things like this are important. Thank you to {aka}|design for inspiring me to connect with you and make sure you know what’s happened to Google Friend Connect on SZInteriors!

Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll be back with some colour and fun! 🙂

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, make sure you subscribe to my blog! And you can always contact me to see how I can help!


9 thoughts on “Let’s Connect!”

  • And just when I was starting to get pretty good with Picnik too – oh well. I just did some housekeeping of my own but this is another good reminder that I need to check this out for all of my blogs that I follow who are on WP. Thanks Sheila – I’ll be sure to check out another way.

  • I have a WordPress blog and I was always under the assumption that they never supported it or my web designer warned me about this, regardless, I’ve always had the subscriber thingy but how can people follow me now? I’m confused? Is networkblogs similar to the “follower” button?

    • The subscriber thing was something that had to be deliberately implemented as it wasn’t WordPress based, and now I wish I never had. It ended up being a bit of a dilution that now has to be fixed. Network Blogs is similar but not the same, and I’ve found it somewhat cumbersome. But I’ll send you an email a little later…

  • I actually follow blogs through the reader Bloglovin’ and it works really well for me. One thing I like about Bloglovin’ is how I can sort my blogs into categories (I have all my Network blogs in one category for example – and I check them out first!!). Something I don’t like about NetworkedBlogs (NB) is that you can’t comment unless you separate the blog from NB (click the X in the top NB header)… with Bloglovin’ that’s not an issue.

    Anyway… the point is that I follow you on my reader, I follow you on Twitter and I follow you on FB 🙂 Do you feel stalked?!! LOL!! 😉

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