Guest Posting at Décor Adventures

Today you’ll find me over at Décor Adventures

…where I’m sharing 3 of my top tips for keeping an organized home… ’cause you know, it’s just that time of year.

If you haven’t stopped by Décor Adventures, trust me, you’re in for a treat! You can be sure Jessica will be DIY-ing something amazing for her equally awesome 112 year old character home. Have you seen her home? Yup, I’m in love! And if you’re a Pinterest person, guaranteed this is a one-stop pinning op! After all, it’s not every day you can put today’s spin on a century old space! Come on over,  join me at Décor Adventures for a visit!

Oh, if you didn’t see Jessica’s post from yesterday, be sure to check it out. She’s got some awesome decluttering tips to get you started!

Thank you, Jessica for inviting me to guest post! I’m super excited to be here!

5 thoughts on “Guest Posting at Décor Adventures”

  • Brilliant and inspiring! I thought I was organized, but your boxes kick it up a notch. Thank-you!!!!! Question: how do you organize lightbubs? I’ve done them on shelves grouped by kind, and in pull-out bins, but now I’m thinking boxes with labels? What’s your strategy ?

    • Hi Susan!
      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment! We just have our lightbulbs in separate drawers of those plastic rubbermaid bins – the trolley bins. Not a pretty storage solution, but we keep this bin in our basement with our other not-so-pretty storage things. It’s handy, and easy to label each drawer – you can get bin units with different drawer depths and configurations at most of the big box stores. In our last place we had less room, so kept them in a basket in our laundry room… labeling is my key to sanity! 😉

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