Hanging Pictures Straight: My Swear-by Tip

Hanging Pictures Straight: My Swear-by Tip

When I see a picture hanging crookedly on a wall it drives me a little bit crazy, especially when there is a grouping and one’s off by just a bit. Suddenly it seems much more obvious!


I know for me it definitely distracts my focus away from the artwork itself. All I want to do is straighten the piece so I can step back and enjoy it!

There are many ways to hang artwork to prevent this, some more involved than others, but my swear-by quick fix is Elmer’s-Tack. Especially if you’ve already hung the pieces and are now struggling with them tilting at even the slightest of movements… like every time someone closes the door, or passes by. Does that sound familiar?

Elmer’s-Tack is a removable adhesive putty that is non-toxic and safely sticks to painted surfaces. You will find it at most hardware stores, office supply stores, big box stores, and even in some convenience stores. A word of caution: I have found when you’re removing the putty from a painted surface you need to be gentle, don’t just hastily pull it off the wall. This is really important if the putty has been stuck to the surface for a long time. Remember, this is not a waxing!

You will find Elmer’s-TackΒ  very easy to use – just apply a small amount (not too thick) to the bottom corners at the back of the frame. Make sure the frame is straight on the wall, and then press the corners so the putty sticks to the wall.


This will keep your artwork in place, and is especially useful when hanging groupings.


A grouping like this isn’t very forgiving when even one frame is slightly crooked. Trust me, you will notice it and the whole grouping will look off.

These are my basic picture hanging tools minus the hammer, picture hanger, and stool!

I find this little level so handy when it comes to making sure a picture is straight. Definitely a recommended item for your tool kit.

In the end if you’re going to the trouble to hang artwork or framed photographs, take the extra step to ensure they hang straight.


With Elmer’s-Tack it’s never too late for your gallery wall to hang straight and look like this!

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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