Happy New Year… With A Little Gold!

Happy New Year! I’ve been enjoying my little break, but missing all of you, and I’m super excited to be back!

And so I wanted to get back at it and start 2012 off just right by revealing the mysterious project I was working on for Kaleigh (mentioned here), and the vintage item I picked up for her for Christmas (mentioned here). Do you remember the mirror that I spray painted gold (mentioned here and revealed here)?

Well, I was also spraying out this little glass-top table at the same time with the same gold paint.

I spied this fun piece at ReStore in Victoria! The glass top, which I’ve removed for the painting, was in perfect condition. No chips or cracks, but the brass… well, it had seen better days.

See what I mean?

These are the main areas that needed some refinishing TLC.

But honestly, the whole piece was in need of a makeover!

At first I was tempted to just spray the table without taking it apart. But then I knew I would kick myself later for taking a shortcut.

So I dismantled the top portion, and prepped all the pieces with a good scrub-down.

The solid brass knobs that held the ring in place were in pretty rough shape, and I thought Brasso would do the trick.

Do you remember the cleaning ordeal of the brass hinges on Kaleigh’s repurposed TV stand? (Read about it here and here) Yup, it was a two-day ordeal, and I could see I was headed there again. But this time I wasn’t buying in! So I decided to paint them out along with all the other pieces.

Want to see a little glimpse of the assembly line?

See the mirror in the background?

And here’s the brass knobs being defaced with paint! Gasp!!!

I don’t think they look so bad, and actually, probably look better in the end by matching the other parts and pieces perfectly.

I gave this table 2 good coats, and then some further top-ups in a few key spots.

And here’s how it turned out.

Notice the little gold dish with the chocolates? That’s the vintage piece I mentioned earlier, but couldn’t reveal until now!

Here’s a glimpse of the table beside the serving tray I made in the Fall Pinterest Challenge (here), and the pine chest that we recovered (here) in gold damask fabric chosen by Kaleigh (revealed here).

And in place with Kaleigh’s favorite band, AFI.

Still on the to-do list… panels for the windows!

See what a little paint can do? You’d never know this table had significant rust patches and pit marks, would you?

I hope your year is off to a great start!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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13 Replies to “Happy New Year… With A Little Gold!”

  1. What a great project to start the new year! Looks really nice Sheila! That whole corner looks so warm and inviting.
    Happy New Year girlfriend! I hope you have a very successful 2012!

  2. I was starting to think that all that spray paint was going to your head when I thought you were going to Brasso those little itty bits! Whew! Glad you are okay! Haha! Turned out fabulous! Also, I’m seriously jealous of your designated painting booth. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. Oh I love it Sheila – it looks really great and has a perfect spot in her room. So the big question, was Kaleigh absolutely thrilled with the new additions? I can’t wait to see what you do with the window treatment. Happy New Year Sheila!

    1. Yikes Holly, how is it that this many days have passed since you left your comment and I haven’t replied? 2012 is definitely off and running!

      So in answer to the big question, Kaleigh was thrilled with the table (whew!), and she appreciates the dish! She’s not a trinket-y person, so I knew I was pushing the boundaries with the dish, but she’s in love with the gold aspect and likes it with the table. As for the table, I can now fully exhale. I knew she would either love it or hate it, and this time luck was on my side!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog after looking for some spray-paint project inspiration. I love the table. Can I ask what kind/color of paint you used? I’m sorry if you already mentioned it, but I looked for the info and didn’t find it. Well done!

    1. Hi Mishy,
      Thank you! I just used RustOleum Specialty Metallic Gold spray paint. Here’s the RustOleum link…


      Others have also this Krylon one, but I haven’t used it yet…


      And depending on how big your project is, Rub & Buff has also been recommended.

      Good luck! Would love to hear what your project is, what you decide to use in the end, and how it goes!

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