Have You Ever Seen an MCM Bunny?

Have You Ever Seen an MCM Bunny?

Today is Good Friday, a day for reflection… And for many of you, I’m guessing hot cross buns are part of your day, too. They always have been for me. Last year my buns weren’t exactly a fail, but let’s just say, they weren’t as good as Mom’s always were!

Anyway, on the note of reflections…

Have you ever seen a Mid-Century Modern bunny?

Source: Alyssa Sukas


Isn’t this guy just awesome?

He’s a stylized German Osterhase, aka Easter Bunny, hand painted and made of teak. I couldn’t find any details on who actually designed him, but according to my photo source, Alyssa Sukas, she thinks this bunny looks like a very early Erzgebirge. After looking into Erzgebirge pieces, I would agree. Check out Erzgebirge’s Easter creations here.

What do you think?

Tomorrow we’re off to spend the day with close friends in Sooke, and on Sunday I’m looking forward to having my Dad join us for Easter dinner. I hope you have a great weekend planned, and you get to spend it doing the things you love to do with the special people in your life.

Wishing you a Good Friday, and a Happy Easter!



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