Have You Heard About This Clock?

I know this is not quite ‘hot off the press’, but it’s still pretty fresh, and I thought you should know…

This iconic 60’s IBM clock…

Classic IBM Indicator Clock

Source: Hodinkee Blog

Is making a comeback!

Do you remember it?

Whether it’s from your time or not, get ready to see a whole lot more of it, because IBM has teamed up with School House Electric Supply Company, and a reproduction, as seen above, of this classic clock is on the market.

Hypebeast digital  magazine put it this way…

In true schoolhouse fashion, IBM has released the 1960s Standard Issue Clock featuring a vintage faceplate made to imitate the recognizable standard issue clocks from the mid-20th century. A domed glass lens, steel spun case, and original hands all contribute to this item’s authenticity. The clock also reflects IBM’s history as a timepiece manufacturer…

Did you notice, even the second hand is red just like they used to be!

Let’s take a little look back in time at a few of the vintage clocks…

Notice the red hand?

Iconic IBM Standard Issue Clock

Source: Factory 20

This one is c. 1970…

Iconic IBM Standard Issue Clock

Source: Remodelista

And this one is minus its second hand!

Iconic IBM Standard Issue Clock

Source: Roy Arden Blog

But maybe that’s because it’s after 4:00!

And here you see a hanging option of the Standard Issue clock.

Iconic IBM Standard Issue Clock

Source: Worthpoint

How do you feel about this clock being back on the scene? Does it remind you of your school days? Would you still be hanging around at this time?

I do remember this clock well, maybe not the vintage 60s, but definitely the c. 1970s onward. This clock was in every classroom I was ever in! By the time I was working in offices, the clocks had changed their game face, and I never worked in a warehouse, so no connection there. But I have to say, there’s something about this clock and the nostalgia it brings that feels heartwarming, a little bit fun, and I think its timing is just right!



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9 Replies to “Have You Heard About This Clock?”

  1. It’s old school and I really like it. It does remind me of school but in a good way. It’s a classic look – black and white – could transition into so many different types of rooms. And it does have a very School House Electric look – will have to check this out.

  2. Seriously, I have that massive clock from Ikea taking up a wall in my kitchen. It’s not like I don’t have a source for time in there considering both the stove AND microwave have the ability to tell time. I just love my big clock and yes, I totally remember counting down the minutes at school with the IBM one.

  3. I love clocks! I use them in every room as accessories. I really like the simplicity of the IBM clock. And it sure does bring back memories! Thanks for sharing.


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