Heat Pump Surround: Wrap It Up!

Heat Pump Surround: Wrap It Up!

Remember the BBQ pad we (Dad!) put in? You can read about it here and here if you missed those posts.

I hinted then that a surround to hide the heat pump might be a nice finishing touch… and doubly hinted that Dad would maybe do the work? Pretty please 😉

Here’s a run-down of what’s been happening in the last few days!

Gather the materials.


Paint the wood.


Call Dad.

Speed Dial! 🙂

Dad’s pretty patient when he’s working in my make-shift shop. You should see his!

The heat pump is on a sloped slab, so leveling the surround was a tedious part of this project.

And measuring…

Well, you know the drill.

Measure twice, cut once!

See how sloped the slab is?

It’s like 2″ lower on the left front than the right! And let’s not even talk about the back!

Squaring the frame was definitely left to the pro!

I was the go-for!

And putting this piece of lattice on was ‘f. u. n.’

I got to hold everything while Dad put in the screws. Do you know how slippery pvc is when slipping is not an option?

Matching the lattice on the corners also required patience and persistence!

But ‘we’ managed, and the match turned out well.

Notice, we took the lattice right to the ground? This is to help camouflage the slope, and hide the not-so-pretty slab.

And we left the back side against the house open as you don’t really see it. The frame is solid because we put ‘L’ brackets on this part of the frame.

If the pump ever needs to be accessed, only the screws attaching the house-side of the lattice to the frame, and the bottom of the ‘L’ brackets need to be undone. The rest of the surround stays in tact and can be pulled away from the heat pump as a unit.

Now you can hardly tell the slab is sloped!

And yes, we do swing the BBQ out and away from all this when we’re using it!

Here’s a little look back at the beginning.

We went from this…

To this…

To this…

To this!

We thought about going with wooden lattice painted to match the steps or the house, but in the end decided to go with the PVC lattice for ease of cleaning and care, and because we were taking it right to the ground. Our landlord covered the cost for this home improvement, and when you’re a landlord you need to think about the long-term impacts of care and maintenance down the road!

Now… we have to get the step repaired and the porch repainted. With the weather turning itself around, that’s coming soon! That and pots of plants. It’s time for some colour!

How are your home improvements coming along? Got any big projects on the go???



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Photos: Sheila Zeller

15 thoughts on “Heat Pump Surround: Wrap It Up!”

  • I think my Husband and your father are one and the same, their workmanship is identical but you are right it needs a “woman’s” touch some flowerpots would do wonders no one will look at the stairs

    • Thank you Linda! I’m enjoying working away out there and seeing the difference the changes make, one-by-one. But without Dad’s help, I don’t think the results would be anything even close to what they’re turning out to be!

  • Yay for dads with tools! You and your dad did a great job with the surround. So much prettier to look at than the heat pump 🙂 I think a long & low planter filled with colourful flowers placed along the base would really dress it up nicely 🙂

    • Thanks Kelly! Your vision with the flowers is exactly what I was thinking, too. I’m actually hoping to give sweet peas a try there – Dad and I usually have a friendly competition with our sweet peas to see whose grow better, but last year because of our move to this house, I didn’t get to grow any. If I can pull them off in that spot, I think it’ll be a close match 😉

  • What a great dad! Love his hat! The heat pump looks all cozy in that pretty little lattice. Good job on the closet shelves over on Hodge Podge!

    • Thanks Tracey! My Dad is pretty awesome – he’s so supportive when it comes to projects, and is always quick to lend a hand… I actually think it’s more accurate to say, step in and lead! I have so much to learn, and he has a lot to teach! …With his hat, would you believe there was a time when he would only wear a toque. No lie!

    • I love my Dad! He never says ‘no’ when it comes to giving me a hand. No BBQ that night as he had to run off, but definitely one this week coming! I did make him lunch though 🙂

  • What a great way to disguise that beast – I thought we were going to have to do the same to our AC unit out front (yes, front) but the evergreen is growing fast and furiously and now disguises the unit quite nicely. Have a wonderful weekend Sheila!

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