Holiday Splash in a Dash

With calendars booking up and days filling in, here are some quick and easy holiday decorating ideas that will make an impact without impacting a ton of your time.


Working with anything glass is a great way to bounce light in your room. You can have a little sparkle or a lot. It just depends on how you put the glass to use… and you can probably find something that will work just right already in your cupboard!

Like this Brandy snifter filled with silver bells.


Any style of glass will work, if you let your imagination do the work!

How about a serving bowl?


See how easy it is to dress it up in style?

Take a look at what’s inside these apothecary jars.


I bet you have bobbles and bows in your mix. If you don’t have an apothecary jar, clear vases will work too.

Glass cloches aka bell jars or domes are always a great way to make a statement display.


Though not everyone will have bell jars on hand, it’s more about the setting than it is the bell jar. Any clear container filled with shiny bobbles will do. It’s the blend of weathered wood and cones with the red of the bobbles that creates the wintery Christmas feel.

Do you have a 2 or 3 tiered dessert plate in your mix?


With just a few springs of greenery combined with winter berries, cones, and a handful of silver bobbles suddenly you have an eye catching display for your decor.

Even a little pedestal dish can quickly be turned into a decorating statement.


Perfect for a candle, great on a table or mantle… or wherever a little extra flair is needed.

And with candles… I say you can never have too many!


Their flickering light makes everything else in the room dance. You can dress up a collection of candle sticks with a little added greenery, and it’s easy to replace as it dries. If you don’t have a silver tray to amp up the sparkle and glam, a mirrored tile or an empty picture frame with glass works well too.

Greenery is always a great way to bring in a festive feeling, because with it comes the bonus of its fresh scent.


For a little splash of colour mix in some holly, or maybe add a small bow.

There are so many ways to get your home ready for the holidays. And they don’t have to take a lot of time or mean buying everything new. It’s all about taking a look around you and seeing what you have on hand to use.

Recycled jars count too!


You can change up the ribbon to match your scheme, and maybe add in some winter greens.

Sometimes keeping it simple makes the biggest statement of all.

What do you do for your Christmas decor? Any time-saving, budget friendly tips to share?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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7 Replies to “Holiday Splash in a Dash”

  1. I need to pick up some white candles and I should be good. And some greens. I’ve been trying to find little rectangular candy cane candies and I can’t find them anywhere. I think they would look great all displayed. I’m okay settling for regular candy canes – YUM! Thanks for your sweet comment today – your support means so much!!

  2. You’re right Sheila, you can find containers or simple tumblers right in your cupboard! I love just adding natural elements to glass or silver…so pretty! These are all great ideas…thanks for sharing!

  3. such easy ideas that anyone can do. I have a few strands of broken pearls and I am going to drape them in a silver bowl around candles. Love that Sheila, thanks for posting.

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