Hot Cross Buns: A Family Tradition

Hot Cross Buns: A Family Tradition

Today is Good Friday, and as a kid growing up we always had home-made hot cross buns, fresh out of the oven on Good Friday. Even as an adult, when I lived near my parents Mom would bring down a batch for our household to enjoy, which meant I never really had to learn how to make them myself.

So in trying to keep up with the tradition for my own family, here is what I am doing this morning. I made hot cross buns last year, but they weren’t ready until mid-afternoon. I’m trying to change that this year, so my family can experience them hot out of the oven this morning!

My handwritten notes are the best I could do to try and recreate what my Mom was so famous for: her hot cross buns. Mom was also very well known for her amazing cinnamon buns too… Just ask any one who knew her!

Here is a pan from my batch last year…


Do you make hot cross buns? What traditions will you be celebrating this Easter?

Happy Easter to you and those who make your life special…

xo Sheila

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