Illustrated Mid-Century Pieces at a Glance

Illustrated Mid-Century Pieces at a Glance

When I came across James Provost’s illustrated collection of iconic Mid-Century Modern furniture I couldn’t wait to share it with you. After all, what MCM lover wouldn’t want to see Eames, Cherner, Bertoia, Jacobsen – to name a few – all at a glance?

These art prints are available with a neutral background…

Source: Imagekind

A retro warm…

Source: Imagekind

Or a retro cool.

Source: Imagekind

They are also available in a range of sizes and options. Click here for more details.

You might also enjoy visiting Trendland: Fashion & Trend Blog where a few of Provost’s illustrations from above are shown individually and in larger scale.

Can you identify all the pieces in this print? Wouldn’t it be fun to try?

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6 thoughts on “Illustrated Mid-Century Pieces at a Glance”

  • How fun Sheila! I love this! I’ll have to bookmark when I get home. What a challenge to try to guess all of these great chairs too…might have to try when I have some free (???) time. Have a great weekend! Now I’m going to be dreaming of Cherner for the rest of the day.

  • I saw these posters when I went to California….. We went to the Museum of Art in LA when we were there and they had a mid-century exhibition going on. Such a cool thing to see. Will be posting pics soon. I’m always a tad jealous of homeowners that can afford the real thing. At least if I have a poster, I have all of the chairs.

    • You are one lucky lady, Tracey! I CAN’T WAIT to see your post… you know me, I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to MCM furniture. LOVE IT! And yes, I hear you on affording the real thing – a Cherner armchair, the Eames black house bird and walnut stool… these are at the top of my dream list. So until then just keep dreaming 😉

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