Lighting: The Lipstick in a Room

Lighting: The Lipstick in a Room

Do you know what brings a room to life?

If you said lighting, you are so right. Lighting sets the tone, creates the mood, and illuminates like a smile. As the lovely Kelly Deck puts it, lighting is the lipstick in a room! And if you think about it, lipstick can be light, bright, mid-tone, dark, glossy, sparkly, muted, or matte…

Do you want to see some of the lipstick that was in the room at IDSwest? Trust me it was the Guerlain of lighting!

This is the ‘tunnel’, the entrance into the show.

Does drum shade come to mind?

When you entered the room you were greeted by a twinkling exhibit called  Enlightened Design. My pictures don’t do it justice, but here’s a look anyway.

In the front-left you see the Varmluft pendants by Jon Karlsson for IKEA. I think these are really pretty in a whimsical way. And the red Torch Lights in the background, designed by Sylvain Willenz, also caught my eye. I think they would be great in a funky industrial restaurant setting. How about you?

Did you notice the shopping bags on the far right?

Up close and personal they’re so much fun, even if they are a little bright!

This is the other section of Enlightened Design.

In the background you see ceramic artist Jeremy Cole’s Aloe Blossom pendant. Even from a distance it’s just such a beautiful work of art. And the lamps to the right are Bastone lamps by Jaime Hayón. They’re just plain, simple fun.

Loved looking up at these sparkling globes scattered throughout the area.

They reminded me of fireworks, but there was so much to look at, I had to move on.

These Cloud Softlights by Molo Design are incredible.

They’re made of paper, a hollow honeycomb structure, and are lit by LEDs. They’re really quite amazing, don’t you think?

And if you stopped in at the Tom Dixon pub that’s where there was a definite feast for the eyes. And this is where I saw my lighting love…

I have admired these Beat pendants for a long time… and it’s the image I wrote about here where they first caught my eye! If you check out the link I’d be curious to know which setting you prefer them in… the dark and sultry, or the light and airy?

And a similar style, but in white, are the assorted Step pendants.

What I like about both sets of pendants is the way they glow because of the finish on the inside… but for me I’d still take the Beat pendants first.

These brass Etch pendants are pretty stunning too.

They’ll add glam that will liven up any space, day or night…

And I love the drama these Copper Shade pendants infuse.

Warm, soft glow… understated with such a presence.

Mid-Century Modern anyone?

Yes please!

Just so many creative designs…

What’s a room to do?

All this lipstick, but which one do you choose?

Did you enjoy seeing IDSwest with me this week? It’s been fun recapping it for you. Maybe I’ll see you there next year. Do you think you might go?

And don’t forget… Next week I’ll be posting my interview with a very special designer, so stay tuned 😉

Happy Thanksgiving – I hope you have a great weekend doing the things you love with the people you love!


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