IDSwest 2012: Reclaimed Wood Creations by Matthieu LeBlanc

IDSwest 2012: Reclaimed Wood Creations by Matthieu LeBlanc

With a design show as fantastic as this one, it’s hard to capture it all. Soaking it in is yet another story! In fact, I’m still soaking in the whole weekend of the Interior Design Show West held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

There were so many amazing displays of quality, craftsmanship, and pure creative genius, I don’t even know where to begin. But, since Matthieu LeBlanc’s reclaimed wood creations was definitely one of my favorites, why not start here?

Want to take a peek?

These sculptural arc lamps are made of apple wood.

Matthieu LeBlanc Reclaimed Wood Creations

And their base from a piece of beach combed mahogany washed up on shore!

Matthieu LeBlanc Arc Lamp Base

Isn’t it stunning?

And how about this gorgeous table?

Matthieu LeBlanc Stump Table

Matthieu calls this the ‘Footprint’ table. Can you see it?

And what’s a design show without amazing seating?

Matthieu LeBlanc Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool

This signature bar stool is made from Douglas fir.

Here’s another look, you know, a little more up close and personal!

Matthieu LeBlanc Douglas Fir Bar Stool

Love the grain in it!

Yes, these pieces are all made from reclaimed wood. Either donated, salvaged, or beach combed. Beautiful wood with its own history, a fresh start and the beginning of a new story… and the storyteller, the master behind the artistry, Matthieu LeBlanc.

Just a little taste of so much more!

What do you think? Can you see one of these pieces in your home? Which one would you choose?

Thanks for stopping by!

Photography: Sheila Zeller


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