Inspiration… It’s In The Mail

Do you ever start something full of enthusiasm, only to find yourself dragging before it’s done?

Well, that’s me and our office right now. I’ve been decluttering random piles of paper ‘stuff’, because I want to rework the space and prettify it a bit. But I can’t do the pretty until I finish the purge. Can I say, ‘groan’?

At this point I’m ready for a little visual inspiration. I need something to feed that initial burst of good intentions.

Like this vintage metal letter holder.

Source: Etsy

I wouldn’t mind looking at this on my desk!

And I totally love this repurposed porch railing.

Source: Pinterest / Better Homes & Gardens

 Such a great piece, and my hubby likes it too! Did I mention we share the office?

If I could find a small bird cage, it might strike the right note between whimsical fun and fun-ctional.

Source: Embellished Weddings Blog

But I would set it on my desk, minus the flowers and bow! And I think I would like one that showed a little more weathered wear and tear…

Now we all know the thing with women and shoes…

Source: Etsy

But have you ever seen a wooden shoe form stand in for a letter holder?

Letter holders can be simple and without slots…

Source: Mockingbird Hill Cottage Blog

Like this hand painted bin. And how hard would a pretty bin be to find?

I’m thinking slots are suited to my style, and a vintage toast rack might work just right, too.

Source: Design Sponge

Even one slot will do the trick, and it would be easy to repurpose an old napkin holder to sit on my desk.

Source: I Heart Organizing Blog

Like this one. All it needed was a coat of paint!

So this is how I procrastinated yesterday. And even though I digressed, I still focused on the office in the end.

How do you plough through and finish something that’s starting to drag? Where do you find the inspiration?

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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10 Replies to “Inspiration… It’s In The Mail”

  1. How pretty! I find it much easier to keep things organized if they are pretty to look at. If it’s just functional and ugly, I’m not interested enough in keeping things all cleaned up. And my desk is a WRECK right now . . .

  2. You: “Do you ever start something full of enthusiasm, only to find yourself dragging before it’s done?”
    Me: YES!!!!!!!
    You: “How do you plough through and finish something that’s starting to drag? Where do you find the inspiration?”
    Me: ??????????????????
    That’s how I’m feeling right now! I have so many mini-projects on the go not to mention our ongoing and neverending renovation. It’s so hard to find the motivation to finish something. The other day I talked myself into not only starting but finishing my cableknit sweater pillow, even pulling out the needle & thread (a wee bit of hand stitching) to finish off a corner that I could have ignored. My inspiration there was that I SAID I’d make a pillow… on Edin’s House! Lesson: commit to the world!! 😉

  3. I was going to mention a vintage toast rack but sure enough you’ve got one! You’re good. And I’m with you on the purging and organizing. Sometimes I just need to put my head down, focus, and get the job done. It’s not easy but I’m usually happy with whatever the end result might be. We don’t have any office space right now. We either work at the dining room table or the breakfast bar on the laptop or go down and work on the ancient desktop in the basement. I’m hoping in our next home to have a space dedicated to an office. You should buy yourself some fresh flowers – I feel like they are an instant pick-me-up.

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