It’s All About Personal Taste!

It’s All About Personal Taste!

Not too long ago a mid-century style vase caught my eye, but I decided to walk away. Good, right? Well you’d think, except I couldn’t let it go. I kept thinking about it and knew I’d be back in the area in a week… but would the vase?

Enter my friends the following week, and I near dragged them to the back of the thrift store where the vase had been…Β and as luck would have it, still was!

MCM Gray Glazed, Brown Ribbed Vase

Um, they weren’t so smitten. So I sent this pic to my hubs to get his reaction. Only, his response didn’t reach me in time. I paced, and contemplated, waited until I had to make a decision. Was it walk away for a second time, or buy it without hub’s feedback?

I bought, I left, and in came his response… always the way, isn’t it? Nope, he wasn’t sold, either. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, just not all warm and fuzzy about it! Apparently I was in this one alone – my daughter flat out hated it, and another friend diplomatically withheld comment. πŸ˜‰

Well that was a month ago. Every day I look at this vase, and every day I still like it. Why? I don’t know, I just do. I’ve researched it, but can’t come up with much.

This vintage white glazed French jar and lid, c. 1940, was the closest I could find.

1st Dibs - White Glazed French Jar & Cover, c1940s

{1st Dibs}

1st Dibs - White Glazed French Jar & Cover, c.1940s

{1st Dibs}

Can you believe this piece is 4′-8″ tall x 34″ wide?

I’m certain my vase isn’t this vintage, but who knows, maybe this French jar was the inspiration piece!

Here’s the bottom of my vase.

MCM Gray Glazed, Brown Ribbed Vase Bottom

You’ll notice it doesn’t have any glaze on it, but do you see the etched mark? That’s likely the symbol of the artist. And the dark brownish marks indicate to me that this bottom was once covered in signature felt. You might remember my Royal Haeger vase with its signature felt bottomΒ here. If I had to guess, I’d guess this vase is c.1970s, but if you know for sure, I’d love to hear from you!

To make a long story short, my vase is a great reminder of what’s important when you’re choosing pieces for your home. Never second guess what speaks to you. Surround yourself with things that draw you in, even if no-one else seems to see what you see. If you do this you’ll always feel at home in your home, and that’s what it’s all about!

Oh, and guess what was on the cover of my latest HGTV magazine?

HGTV Magazine Cover - April 2013

Do you see it? Not the same shape, not the same colour or finish… but don’t you think the ribbing suggests they could be relatives?

Maybe there’s someone out there who can see what I see in my beloved vase afterall!

Do you have anything in your collection that makes others roll their eyes? Well, that’s okay, just remember what happened to the Ugly Duckling!

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

BTW – this vase may or may not turn up in my bedroom makeover… but you’ll have to wait and see! πŸ™‚

I was featured over at Junkin Joes. Thanks Andrea!

Junkin Joe Linky Party - I Was Featured

Photographs by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated.

16 thoughts on “It’s All About Personal Taste!”

  • Way to go for trusting your gut, you now if it spoke to you and it was on your mind for that long, you were meant to have it. Sometimes those pieces that no one else likes turns out to be the piece that completes a room. I have had a few funny stares from my family when I drag in an old beat up piece of furniture, or a old tin panel, but once they see how it actually works, it is all good πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Heather! Don’t you just love the sideways looks? My Dad is the one that cracks me up – he kind of takes my ‘treasures’ in with patient observation, asks a few questions, and then sits back to wait and see. So far he’s been a fan once all is said and done, LOL!

  • Well, why didn’t you text me? I would have told you to snap it up in a second! I’m glad you went with your feeling. I totally decorate my own home that way. If it is something I love, it usually works.

  • Sheila,
    I learned a long time ago not to expect anyone else to get as excited as I am about a special find like that. I decided I don’t need that affirmation anymore. If I love it, I love it, and it doesn’t matter if my husband or my friends even like it at all. So glad you snagged your special treasure!

  • I’m glad you got it too, I think it’s pretty awesome actually, and since it’s so big, I think it can handle a little criticism from the uninitiated members of your household. How is the room re-do going? We all want to see!

    • Thanks Nicole! My vase is 15″H x 9″W, so not quite the dramatic scale of the 1st Dibs comparison (I only wish it was), but still large enough to make an impact on my family LOL! The bedroom makeover is coming along – I got stopped up short this whole week due to a nasty cold GRRRR. Was in the middle of sanding a key piece, and there was no way I could keep it up, but hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow – still not feeling like I can put on the mask and soldier on quite yet πŸ™

  • You were definitely meant to have it. Individual pieces really only shine in context of their surroundings so once you fit it into the entire space I’m sure your family will come to see what you originally saw. It happens all the time in our house.

    • Awe, thank you so much, Andrea! You are such a great support, and I am truly grateful that you have chosen to share this treasure find. Big hugs being sent right back to you, and can’t wait to get over to Junkin Joe’s to see all the other treasure finds! xo

  • Good job Sheila for sticking with your gut! I think it’s a great looking jug but more than that, I really appreciate how you look into pieces for their vintage goodness even if they don’t have any. That piece is so lucky it found an owner that loves it as much as you do.

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