Jamie Oliver’s Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo

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Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo Recipe

Hubs made this dish using local fresh fare: squash from Makaria Farm, and pasta from KilRenny farm. The pasta was a-ma-zing!

Fresh Kilrenny Farm Pasta

He used Jamie Oliver’s Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo recipe, which I decided was just way too delish not to share! If you like pasta and healthy goodness, then you have to try this.

We’ve been watching Jamie’s new show on the Food network, Save With Jamie. It’s pretty incredible just how far you can stretch your groceries and your budget once you learn a few tips. Jamie has a million, but let me just say, I would never have thought to freeze and reuse a lemon that was roasted in a chicken! I can’t explain – it’s easier if you watch the show!!

Jamie also has a new book out,  Save with Jamie. You might want to add it to your wish list! I know it’s on hub’s list!! 😉

Jamie Oliver - Save With Jamie - 450

 {Photo: Chapters Indigo}

The book is available online at Chapters Indigo, but you’ll also find it in a number of outlets. If you live near a Thrifty’s, they not only have this book, but they have a whole Jamie section set up with all kinds of Jamie treats… and you can also collect stamps at the check-out to begin your collection of Jamie’s dinnerware.

Are you a Jamie Oliver fan? Are you watching his new show?

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