Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls

We have finally gotten Kaleigh’s selection of New York photos up on her wall, and do you remember the gold mirror I was spray painting for her? I wrote about it here. Well we have it hung up too!

Here’s a little walk through of the room’s latest ‘Before’ and ‘After’ changes…

The photos on Kaleigh’s bed are destined for the wall space behind it.

But first I wanted to convince Kaleigh to shift her bed to the right.

She liked it where it was, but she agreed.

So the feature wall behind her bed went from this…


To this.

And the wall behind her recently recovered pine chest went from this…

To this.

Yes we hung up a framed poster of an alternative punk band (gasp!). AFI is Kaleigh’s all-time favorite, so we just mixed a bit of grunge with glam 😉 Did you notice the tray on her pine chest? It’s the one I made for the Fall Pinterest Challenge.

The space above her sofa was slated for the gold mirror I mentioned earlier…

Do you see the AFI poster in the background?

The gold mirror went from this (where it was hung in our previous home)…

To this.

And the space where it’s hung, to this…


We are also working on some ideas for the wall space behind the TV (oops, the branches are supposed to be removed). We’re thinking Danielle from Urban Walls might be able to help us out!

So stay tuned as we figure that piece out. And window treatments are also in our vision…

Here is one more look at the latest transformation in Kaleigh’s room.

So project-by-project, piece-by-piece this space is becoming a room that reflects Kaleigh’s taste and style. And you know it’s starting to gel when she makes this comment…

“My room is starting to feel like home.”

That’s what it’s all about.

Tomorrow I’ll follow up with some behind the scenes tips and strategies on how we arrived at this presentation, and what we did to take it from mocked-up to hung up!

Do you have any spaces you’re working on right now?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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8 thoughts on “Kaleigh’s Room: Filling Up the Walls”

  • I hope my daughter enjoys collaborating with me when she gets older and wants a new look to her room. I love that it’s a mix of styles and it seems like your daughter is really getting on board with some of your ideas (yay Sheila!). That mirror looks awesome in there. What are you thinking as far as window treatments? I also really love the idea of the NY photos above her bed – very cool. Definitely seems like a room she won’t tire of quickly.

  • I love this room so far! The best thing about it is that your daughter is making it personalized along with getting your design expertise! The photo wall turned out fabulous and l love those frames that are transparent so it blends in with the wall colour! What a great space for her…lucky girl! Great job!

    • Thanks Shelley! It’s a great process to work with Kaleigh, because she’s got strong ideas about what she likes and doesn’t like, and as her mom I’m proud of her for that. But it’s also great to work with a teen because it’s a constant learning opportunity for me with the design process. Too often teens likes/dislikes are dismissed and their opinions not taken seriously, so I’m grateful to get this practice with my own daughter!

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