Kaleigh’s Tropicana Cabana

Kaleigh’s Tropicana Cabana

As we are undoing the house and taking things down, I’m starting to remember how things looked when we first moved in. We definitely made some changes, but could only go so far because this has been a rental for us. And now with moving out, I wonder what will unfold as we make the new place our home…

This is what my daughter, Kaleigh’s room looked like when we first moved in here.

SZInteriors Photo

Great for a Spiderman fan, but for this, at the time 14 year old teenage girl, not so much.

So Kaleigh chose BM 2048-50 (Tropicana Cabana) to repaint the room in, and still loves it now! She was a big part of the prepping and painting process, which I featured here.

SZInteriors Photo

Kaleigh plays both the guitars hanging on her wall, and they are also key in her decorating scheme.

SZInteriors Photo

A great fit for the other must-have element in her décor, posters of her punk/alternative favorite band, AFI.

SZInteriors Photo

My only intervention – put them in poster frames!

The closet had been turned into a study cove by the owners for their son’s desk. This what it looked like before we turned it back into a closet.

SZInteriors Photo

Kaleigh loves her clothes, and she has a lot of them! This is how we turned the study cove back to a  functioning closet. The left end has shelving with baskets on them.

SZInteriors Photo

You might recognize the closet because I wrote about it here.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a can of paint and some creative organizing makes?

So as we take this next step with the move, I’m thinking about Kaleigh’s new room. She says she’s sticking with the black bedding, but wants a different accent fabric, like maybe a leopard print, and another colour for punch! And her guitars will definitely be a focal point.

Do you have any great ideas to showcase guitars? Would love to hear them!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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4 thoughts on “Kaleigh’s Tropicana Cabana”

  • Hello Sheila!

    Great changes! I’d freak out waking up every day with a giant spider in my bedroom. LOL

    I like when some people display guitars on the wall. It can be done in different levels and it looks really interesting. Maybe you can paint that wall in a different color of the rest of the room.

    Have a happy summer!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    • I like that idea Luciane – thank you! It’ll be interesting to see how Kaleigh’s new room comes together – her sense of style is maturing on one hand, and constant on the other 🙂

  • I came online looking for finished photos using “Tropicana Cabana” and found your site. Just thought it was cute that you have a daughter named Kaleigh (mine is Kayleigh) who plays guitar too. I put a link to her pinterest page for her room, I found some neat music related stuff for walls. This page is old so she’s probably moved out by now lol but thought it might be helpful to someone.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Sofia! I really appreciate the link, and no, my Kaleigh hasn’t moved out yet! She has prom in June, and who knows from there what her next step for living arrangements will be. She’ll be off to university, but to one where we live. So lucky for me, I might just get to keep her home a little longer! I know the day will come, and I’m excited for her on the one hand, but boy does it pull at my heart strings on the other!

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