Kick It Up a Notch With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kick It Up a Notch With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are known to be the heart of the home…

Source: Retro Renovatation

And your kitchen cabinets definitely set the tone.

Are you still loving your cabinets?

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Or does your kitchen need a little love? You know, to put the heart back in the home!

What can you do to kick it up a notch?

Painting your cabinets is one option. Replacing doors is another. But have you thought about a fresh start with discount cabinets? Like these ones below?

Source: Cliq Studio

I know, right. Who would’ve thought… discount cabinets? And these cabinets do not slouch in the quality department either!

Did you know there’s a lot more involved in selecting quality kitchen cabinets than you might think?

Let’s start with the basics. These are the parts and pieces you will need to know.

 Source: Cliq Studios

Who knew there were so many basics? It’s important to be aware of these details, and Cliq Studios has done a great job explaining all of this for you. Seriously, if you know the difference in quality materials and craftsmanship, you will understand how to get the best kitchen cabinets for your budget.

There are lots of ways to bring the heart of your home up to date, and replacing cabinets is just one of them. But if you’re headed down this road, it’s important to know what you’re investing in.

For more information on Cliq Studios, check out their interactive website. You might also like to read this post by my friend Stacy over at Conspicuous Style Interiors.

Is your kitchen the heart of your home? If not, do you want it to be???

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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8 thoughts on “Kick It Up a Notch With Your Kitchen Cabinets”

  • We had our kitchen gutted about 3 years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. The cabinetry was from the 70s and it was in great shape. It just wasn’t the look we were going for and the cabinet doors themselves were formica and the inside base were not only black but they were also metal! Our contractors said they’d never seen anything like it. I wish I had more photos of them. So we went the opposite and did off white cabinets (hooray!) and we now we love our kitchen. Cabinets are worth every penny if your kitchen needs a change.

    • That’s so awesome Holly! Your description of the old ones has me intrigued – I wonder what the thinking was behind the choice in materials… hmmmm. Kitchens are worth the money you invest in them when you do it right, and it sounds like you definitely have!

  • I went white with my cupboards when we did our reno 5 years ago. I know the look is painted dark right now but I feel that white will be a timeless feel and goes with anything. As for the design ……. I wish we added one of those pull out drawers for the garbage and recycling. Kitchens are so much more advanced since we designed ours but I’m still happy in ours. I would like to change out the counters for marble and change the sink to a stainless steel one now. (ours is a white blanko) Kind of a plastic sink, durable but I would never do it again. Our island is black granite, in which I wouldn’t do again either, you see every gosh darn crumb!!!

    • I’m with you on white cupboards being timeless – colour can makes its way into the kitchen in other ways, but to replace cabinets is a big deal. We’re in a rental – a nice rental, but still a rental – and it has a very 90’s kitchen. Dark cherry stained cabinets that were on trend in their day, but if this place was mine I’d be changing them out so fast! And this house is just under 4 years old – go figure!!! I hear you on the black granite. I have to say, my top pick for counter tops is quartz – I love its durability, yet you can get just about any look you want… how do you like the granite itself? Our floor is a shiny black tile – almost looks like glass – and it’s a major chore to keep it clean. It shows every spot, every drop of water, every wipe… Aaarrrgggg! And I’m also with you on the stainless sink. My parents had an ivory porcelain sink in their kitchen, and it marked like crazy. My Mom was forever scrubbing it. I love the easy care of stainless, though my favorite style sink is a farmhouse these days, and I’m not sure if love the farmhouse style in stainless – I’d have to see the sink in person… But until we have our own home I’ll just have to keep pinning my picks! 😉

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