Landscaping… I’m Not Gonna Lie!

Landscaping… I’m Not Gonna Lie!

Okay, here’s the thing. Moving is exciting, and great, and all of those positive things. But when you inherit this…

I’m not gonna lie… it helps you stand out on the block, and I don’t mean in a good way!

Luckily we were approached and asked if the yard ornament… oops, I meant ‘stand’, was for sale. And it definitely was! So that was easy come, easy go.

And so today was the day to begin tackling the rest.

Here’s a clue to what I was faced with…

Oh, the poor neighbours 😐

The ornamental grass is ours… waiting to be planted. The question is ‘where’? The sad looking specimen in the brown planter is also ours. Believe it or not, it was a thriving Bleeding Heart. If it survives, it’s actually a beautiful plant! But this terrain is solid rock underneath… we’ll have to finish the weeding to decide what to do 😉

So here’s where I started…

Lovely, isn’t it?

And I removed this stuff under the porch too. Why was it even here? Who knows?!

And those 5 gallon pails were full! One with drywall sealer, and the other with latex paint! Seriously. When I went to move them I was caught off guard. I thought they were just empty pails!

I worked for about 3 1/2 hours, and this is where I left off…

Hubby arrived home, and pitched in for the last hour. I’m so glad he did!

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I really want to keep going.

From this shot, you can see that I really have to stay with the program!

Oh, and can you tell where the weeds were also pulled from the gravel area? You might have to scroll back to the first photo to see the proof!

Did I mention our poor neighbours? The work done today didn’t go unnoticed! We met both sets that border this lovely display. And they were clearly relieved to see something happening to the jungle they unwillingly share!

I still have a bunch more to do, but at least there’s been a start. Guess what hubby and I will be doing this weekend, weather-permitting… and yes, my fingers are crossed for the permitting part!

What would you do if your terrain was solid rock underneath… other than bringing in a few loads of top soil?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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6 thoughts on “Landscaping… I’m Not Gonna Lie!”

  • Niece project, stay totally with a rock garden, rock roses etc. Plants which can handle dryness, Lewisia are sooooo beautiful, Spanish heather are a dream and crocosmias are so easy , if we would be closer you could have a load of them right now, should the weeds be too tough –cover with 4 layers of newspaper and 4” of dirt on top, water and wait till the fall for planting
    – just an idea –

    • Thank you for the great information! There is a lot of rock right below the surface, so we’re contemplating what to do next, and are going to look into the plants you suggested. The hard work of cleaning the area up is finished, and now it’s maintenance. I think that will be a lot easier than what we were faced with!

  • You definitely want the good weather because more rain will just feed those rascally weeds and they’ll start growing in all your weed-less areas!! 😉

    We’re in the middle of a large backyard hardscaping project, so I can appreciate what you mean about the poor neighbours ~ ours have had to look at reno garbage for close to 3 years (loaded, removed, loaded, removed, etc.)… and now they’re looking a large piles of dirt that was moved around by the bobcat. Soon the fence will be up and they won’t see our mayhem… but we will! Yikes!

    Enjoy your weekend… I’ll be belt-sanding old support beams in our basement 😉

    • Wow, this sounds like quite the project! Do you have before/after/in progress photos of what you’re doing? It sounds like you are doing a ton of work. Good for you. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

  • I forgot to praise your work, Sheila! Bad me!! Weeding is such backbreaking and boring work, and it’s horrible of me not to have given you 2 thumbs up for what you accomplished!

    What do you see for this space long term? Maybe a larger deck off the French doors?

    • Thank you! A larger deck would be a total asset to that space, and some privacy features too. There is a lot of rock right below the surface on this property, so whatever we do will have to be done strategically. For the rest of this year I think we’ll stick to planters and maintenance as we figure out what to do next. All in good time they say! 😉

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