Let’s Tumble Up! Vintage 2-in-1 Water Carafe & Drinking Glass

Let’s Tumble Up! Vintage 2-in-1 Water Carafe & Drinking Glass

In light of Saint Patrick’s Day, I am featuring this sweet green Art Deco piece from the Audrey Would! collection. Learn a little about its roots and see how our modern day Audrey might incorporate this 2-in-1 piece into daily use.

This piece was made by the Dunbar Glass Co. out of West Virginia in the early 1930s-40s, and was called a  tumble up set. The small glass known as the tumble doubled as the lid. Today these sets are commonly referred to as bedside water carafes, and a hotel I recently stayed in actually had a set very similar to this one on each side of the bed!

Dunbar Glass Co - Green Glass Tumble Up Set

Dunbar Glass Co. was in business for 40 years, between 1913 and 1953. They began making household glassware in the 1920s; sadly the factory was later destroyed by fire, and as a result Dunbar glassware pieces are harder-to-find collectibles. This green tumble up set is one of Dunbar’s later pieces, but because of the fire is actually quite rare.

The more common tumble up sets were produced mainly in the 1930s and were typically made of pink Depression glass. These pink carafes usually had ridges around the body and base, with the tumbles matching the ridges in their design.

Dunbar Glass Pink Tumble Up Set


The design was later modified as you can see here in the green set.

Art Deco Dunbar Glass Bedside Water Carafe - Green

Notice there are no ridges at the base of the carafe, they are around its neck instead, and the tumble is without ridges at all. The newer carafes also had a pouring spout shaped into their rim, but the key design modification was in how the tumble fit the carafe as a lid. In the earlier sets the tumble fit over the outside of the carafe’s neck, but with this carafe you can see the tumble fits inside. This was a definite improvement in the design, because the tumble could be replaced after use and the water would not roll down the outside! If you look back at the pink carafe notice the difference in the rim and the tumble lid?

I can see how useful a tumble up set is for its intended bedside purpose, but how about our modern Audrey? How else do you think this Art Deco piece might be incorporated into today?

This is what I see…

Dunbar Glass Co - Green Tumble Up Set

Yes, I think this little tumble up set would be perfect at a desk. In today’s world we spend a lot of time at our desks, and staying hydrated is key.

But we also have modern technology that doesn’t play well with water as a contact sport!

Dunbar Glass Co - Green Tumble Up Set

I think with the tumble up set, our modern Audrey can have both.

Dunbar Glass Co - Green Tumble Up Set

What do you think? Is the 2-in-1 tumble up something you might choose to use at your desk?


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