Little Splashes of… Spring?

Little Splashes of… Spring?

Spring is just around the corner, but as I look out the window I see fresh snow very low on the mountains, and this morning there was slush outside. Hmmmm.

So I thought it would be fun to share some mini vases with you from CB2 online. They are cheerful little bud vases that will make any room feel like spring has sprung. Enjoy!


4-Some Bud Vase

I love the 4-some bud vase – it looks like the tulips are dancing! So lighthearted and fun…


Joyce Bud Vase

This Joyce bud vase will dress up any surface, whether filled with a single stem, or a small bouquet. The shape is perfect. How can this not bring a smile to your face?


Five Bottle Bud Vase

Notice how the five-bottle bud vase inverts its shape from one vase to the next. What a great centrepiece.


Mini Bud Vases

I think these mini bud vases are so playful. They have a ton of personality, and don’t ask me why, but they remind me of Dr. Seuss!


Links Vase

I can see this links vase brightening up any space… a windowsill, a bathroom… it would be perfect on a console table too. Also available in polished aluminum.


Three Ball Hanging Vase

I think this three-ball vase is very creative. Imagine your flowers just ‘hanging around‘!


How would you incorporate these vases into your decor? To see what other fun and funky things CB2 has to offer visit

Enjoy your weekend!

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Photos: CB2 (Decor – Vases)

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