Mark Your Calendar!

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 27th.

WINNERS in Duncan is having their winter ‘Final Clearance’ event… which, according to the sales clerk I spoke with, only happens twice a year – once towards the end of the winter season,  and the other at the end of the summer season. The final clearance of items has already begun, but the serious price slashing is yet to come…

We already know WINNERS’ markdowns are amazing, but seriously, this event is full of unbelieveable discounts. On the 27th markdowns will happen 3x in the day; once at 9:00 AM, then Noon, and the third at 3:00 PM. Many clearance items will be on their 3rd or 4th markdown – just count up the overlapping red stickers on the price tag, and that will tell you how many times the item has been reduced!

A few things that I’ve read (customer comments), but not sure which, if either, are indeed fact:

  1. If you see a staff member walking around with a price scanner, ask them to scan your items, and if there has been a further price reduction you’ll have another red sticker printed on the spot.
  2. Conversely, staff will not reduce any items you are already carrying around, as clearance items must be on the rack to receive further markdowns.

As I said, I don’t know which, if either is true. But honestly, I think the best advice is if you see something you want, DON’T WAIT. It may be scooped up by someone else while you wait for a further price reduction! Be okay with the already great price the moment you find it, or be prepared to take a gamble. Just remember that there are no guarantees – the item may actually be at its lowest price already!

Also keep in mind the reality of the event. It is FINAL CLEARANCE, and apparently anything that doesn’t sell by the end of this event will be donated (see who WINNERS supports here). So take the time to sift through the markdown items while you can… who knows, you just might find a treasure lurking within!

Did you know…

All WINNERS and HOME SENSE outlets have begun their final clearance markdowns?

Wondering if the WINNERS near you is slashing their prices on the 27th, too? Contact WINNERS for more information.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Photo 1: WINNERS website

Thumbnail Image & Photo 2: Sheila Zeller

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