Mary Fox: World Class Artist – Timeless Creations

Mary Fox: World Class Artist – Timeless Creations

The white crawl glaze spilling out like foam on a wave.

This is how Mary Fox describes her white textured crawl glaze that stretches and swirls its way around her stunning navy creations. To gaze at just one of these pieces is breathtaking, but to hold one in your hands takes your breath away.

Photo credit: Ladysmith Downtown Business Association

This weekend was the ‘only sale of the year’ event at Mary Fox’s Studio Gallery, and definitely on my outing list for Saturday. Everything was marked 25% off, with the bonus ‘seconds’ marked down even more – and for this weekend only! So, my husband and I vowed to be on time, promised to do the Saturday morning scramble to get out the door and be there for the 11:00am opening. And we were… well, about 10 minutes late – but at this event 10 minutes is definitely lost opportunity, though in no way a lost cause.

Photo credit: Ladysmith Downtown Business Association

The gallery was full, in fact filled to overflowing! We had no idea what we had already missed out on, but we certainly knew what was displayed before us. Where to begin? I had taken my camera hoping, with permission, to take photos for this article, but there were so many people that I didn’t dare make the attempt.

Click here to see close-ups of a few of Mary’s works of art, and learn about the inspiration behind each piece. And click here to see a few more… seriously – it’s worth the click!

Right from the beginning I was wishing, hoping, crossing my fingers to find a treasure to bring home (well, a treasure that our budget would say ‘yes’ to). My heart was secretly hoping for what Mary refers to as ‘contemplation’ pieces – they are pure art, meant to be viewed and contemplated, enjoyed for their beauty and intrigue. But the practical part of me was steering me toward the functional pieces – absolute works of art and beauty, of that there is no doubt, but created to be used. As we wove our way in and around, and through the clusters of people suddenly we found ourselves lined up with ‘destiny’. For there before us was an assortment of contemplation vessels, and dangerously within the negotiating of our budget!

Imagine the thrill and rush of being so close to our first Mary Fox purchase… well purchase just for us! We have purchased in the past ‘as gifts’, but never just for us. We narrowed our selection down to 4 pieces (yes, I said ‘narrowed’) – 3 navy white crawl pieces (2 vases and a bowl), and 1 chalice in earth tones. Oh, and there was also a great metallicy-gold vase that caught my eye, perfect for the Christmas season (wish I could’ve taken a photo to share with you). After a lot of discussion, and going back and forth between the four pieces…

The final choice is…

Front of the Vase. Yes, this is the one!

See what I mean about ‘breathtaking’?

Side of Vase. Love how it catches the light!

And eye-catching from every angle.

Don't you just love the detail?

This so reminds me of the ocean, the waves, the white foam…

Inside of Vase

Even the inside is beautifully finished with attention to detail.

I love this piece, and for me it’s symbolic of where I come from, and who I am. The ocean speaks to me; it’s what grounds me and takes me back to my roots.

Mystery of the Shadows

And aren’t the shadows dramatic? Can you hear the waves? Can you smell the ocean? Do you see the intensity in the changing colours of the water, the frothing of the foam?… Do you see the vast greatness of the ocean in this piece?

How about you, does it take your breath away too???

To read a little more about Mary Fox, click here and click here. To read what another artist has to say, click here.

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