MCM Love: Attic Treasures on Commercial Drive

MCM Love: Attic Treasures on Commercial Drive

The last time we were in Vancouver we took a little time to wander and check out some different shops… from Thrift Stores to a Mid-Century Modern specialty boutique.

Have you ever been to Attic Treasures on Commercial Drive?

The Saarinen tulip chairs and table are the first clue to what the inside beholds!

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As you step through the door you are greeted with MCM eye candy that doesn’t quit!

From George Nelson inspired starburst clocks, retro table-top fans, to whimsical kitchen pieces like this apple canister set…

SZInteriors Photo

And lighting, lighting, lighting galore.

Look at all those fibreglass drum shades. And the fab pendants. We could easily have brought the plain white one on the far right home with us!

SZInteriors Photo

How about that funky dome shaped stereo? I didn’t investigate, but I think it’s a Bradford radio/record player. Doesn’t it remind you of a space ship?

As you turn the corner you are drawn in deeper by the collection of furniture before you.

SZInteriors Photo

Look at this wall-to-wall mix of teak and leather!


Seriously. Everywhere I looked, I darted off to!

SZInteriors Photo

It was just way too hard to stay focused on one thing… And did I mention the lighting? Oh, right. I did.

SZInteriors Photo

Oooo, and I love this coffee service. Hhhhh.

What’s a girl to do? I just had to touch 😉

SZInteriors Photo

The colour and grain in this teak ice bucket was so beautiful… but it didn’t come home with me.

And then there was this wall of pottery vases. Temptation, much! Oh, I was so dying to touch…

SZInteriors Photo

But did dare?

Of course! I couldn’t resist!

SZInteriors Photo

Being in this store was like being in the middle of a Mid-Century exhibit, only better because we could touch! And even better, because we could buy any piece we wanted to (assuming money was no object)!

For this visit we were just happy to have made the discovery.

Since then, I’ve had a chance to soak this store in. Now I can’t wait to return. Who knows what we’ll discover next time? Maybe our home will become the new home of a fabulous treasure we find inside 🙂

Have you been to Attic Treasures? If you don’t live nearby, do you have a favorite MCM spot to shop?


6 thoughts on “MCM Love: Attic Treasures on Commercial Drive”

  • How do I not know about this great little gem?? Omygosh!! Like you, I don’t live too close (although, closer to some degree…lol), but holy moly moly am I going there on my next trip into the city! Thank you for pointing this out Sheila, I will probably be forever broke now…(how are the prices btw?). Looks to me like it’s worth it? Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Yes, I have been there…but so long ago. It is a treasure trove isn’t it?!? You are so funny, I’m totally all over the place too, unable to stay focused. As the saying goes..Like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

  • You totally described what my experience in that store was. I love the picture of you looking at the ceramics with your hand a little blurred because you know that hand was either gonna reach up to grab a piece of candy or it just left a piece of candy going onto the next piece. I must go visit again soon. GREAT POST!

  • Oh my ,oh dear, Attic treasure, so I belong in the attic category , not so sure about treasure,so.You young people all gonna be collectibles still in your lifetime, the way we are going – don’t count antiques out.90 will be middle age.
    But about the store items – sorry – had it – done it, but I take the ” Blue Grouse” anytime
    Sheila, I just love your blogs
    Greetings from an attic human

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