Mom, This One’s For You!


A special flower that holds a very special place in my heart for my Mom…

Born in February, my Mom’s birthstone was an amethyst. But birthstone aside, Mom really liked purple, and she wore it well. And so, a Gloxinia it was from my dear friend Jessie to remember my Mom by.

But, there is a story. And you know how much I love the stories behind the scenes…

Jessie’s father loved Gloxinias and was a master at nurturing them. So she bought a Gloxinia in honour of his memory, and in the hopes of learning to grow them, too. But try as she might, the Gloxinia did not last very long. Her words of advice to us: enjoy your Gloxinia, and don’t stress if you can’t keep it alive. They’re hard to care for!

And sure enough, in spite of our best efforts to give Gloxinia all the TLC it deserved, one day the stem fell away, and it was gone. And so the pot of dirt sat, waiting to be dumped in the garden. But you know how these things go. Time came and went, and the pot of dirt got overlooked. Months and months went by, and the pot of dirt remained. Until finally one day hubs said he would just take care of it. So he moved the pot of dirt, but never dumped it. And so it sat, and sat, and sat for months more. Until hubs could stand it no more! He picked up the pot and headed to the garden for once and for all. But there in the dirt was a little green shoot. So instead of dumping the dirt, he watered the little green shoot, and we were astonished to watch Gloxinia grow! It’s been 5 years, and every year Gloxinia has bloomed, hibernated, and then bloomed again. And every year we are in awe of the incredible velvety flowers that burst open in a splash of deep regal purple.

We have learned that our Gloxinia blooms every year around Mother’s Day. She puts on an amazing show for about a month, and then lies dormant for another year… an innocent pot of dirt defying the garden fate.

So here I share Gloxinia currently in bloom as I write this post.

 Mom, this one’s for you!








I’d like you to meet my Mom…


Mom, I miss you…

But every year when Gloxinia blooms, I know you’re here.

Happy Mother’s Day


Love Sheila

 …It’s about coming home.

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