Moving? How to Pack A Cube Van!

Moving? How to Pack A Cube Van!

If I showed you this image, would you see a cube van?


I thought so.  Me too!

This is what my Dad saw…

SZInteriors Photo

I mentioned in this post that Dad wanted to know the measurements of all the furniture slated for the moving van. And the interior measurements of the moving van! My blogging friend Kristie from The Decorologist commented that this was ‘intense’, and that made me laugh out loud! Because it kind of is… but there’s no doubt, it will make moving day a lot easier. You know, to have an engineered set of blueprints to work from for packing the moving van! 😉

So this first blue print is a bird’s eye view of the fully loaded van.

This one shows the next layer down…

SZInteriors Photo

Do you see the flipped up pieces? Well that’s the furniture that’s layered on top.

And this one shows yet another layer down in that section…

SZInteriors Photo

And this is a layer in the section beside the one above!

SZInteriors Photo

I have to say, if there was any guessing before, there definitely isn’t now.

And so… here’s my SUV with yet another load packed into it…

SZInteriors Photo

Because once I saw the blue print, I knew there was no room for any extras! And in fact, the bookcase you see on the right… well I just knew it wouldn’t fit in my vehicle! Guess who helped me fit it in?

So if you need a tip for maximizing the moving space you’re paying for, I’d say first tip – get the measurements of all your ‘stuff’. Second tip – call 1-800-Sheila’s Dad!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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