Ms Martini Needs A Cart

Ms Martini Needs A Cart

We’ve finally committed to our spot for Martini Lady (I wrote about her here and here), after pondering for weeks. She’s the kind of piece that really demands attention, and I think, needs to have her own space.

And now that she’s in place I’ve added a bar cart to the wish list. I knew she would need a table or something below her to complete that space, but the consoles we have are all wrong.

Here’s Ms Martini in place…

You can see the amount of wall space we have below her is perfect for a small table… or I was thinking maybe a bar cart.

Here are some ideas.

I love this vintage MCM/Hollywood Regency beauty…


Only it’s too wide for that space. It would be awesome find something similar though, including the casters.

I can also see this industrial chic cart adding a lot of personality to the feisty one that’s already there.


I’m just not sure about the wheels – they remind me too much of a tea trolley. I would like it better with just the smaller wheels all the way round.

And I really like the DIY potential of this one, but would have to make sure the stand was high enough…


How can you go wrong with vintage luggage and a flapper lady? I’m kind of leaning in this direction, but just not sure yet.

I also really like this repurposed vintage trunk and the way it’s vignetted…


…but I think it would be too bulky and visually weighty for that space. And it would over power the Lady of the hour which is not the goal!

So what do you think? What would you pair with Martini Lady to make her new home complete?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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