Multi-purposing Pantry Pull-outs

Multi-purposing Pantry Pull-outs

Have you ever looked at pantry pull-outs and imagined using them in a slightly different way? Like maybe built-in storage for your clothing?

I thought Dear Genevieve’s episode of a 300 sqft apartment makeover (yes, I said apartment!) demonstrated this alternate use for pantry pull-outs brilliantly. Unfortunately I don’t have images of the exact pull-outs to share, but would definitely recommend you check out Dear Genevieve on HGTV to see this episode for yourself.

Here is an example of the style I’m referring to… just imagine the oven as another drawer!


You can adjust the design of the actual shelving to suit your storage needs, but the basic principle is ultra functional. In Dear Genevieve some of the pull-outs were double-width and able to accommodate hangers! What a great space-saving alternative to stand-alone dressers and high-boys, not to mention a clean look for a smaller footprint space… or any space for that matter.

What do you think? Would you opt for built in storage like this to maximize your space?

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3 thoughts on “Multi-purposing Pantry Pull-outs”

    • Hi Katie,
      I wish I had the instructions to share, but I unfortunately I don’t. There might be some variation of this project on Pinterest, or a DIY blog if you’re able to successfully Google search this idea. Otherwise maybe a storage/organization or kitchen cabinet site? Thanks for commenting – I wish I could be more helpful!

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