Office Overhaul – Artwork coming soon…

Office Overhaul – Artwork coming soon…

Well, I’ve done it! I have selected a piece of artwork for ‘my’ zone in our office, and can’t wait for it to arrive. Here is a sneak preview…

'From Inside-Out' by Ursula Rettich

I will tell you more about this very special artist in another post, but in the meantime you might like to visit Ursula’s own blog ‘Sea to Canvas‘ and view a few more examples of her work there. But be ready for some of the pieces you fall in love with to be SOLD. The one-of-a-kinds are moving fast, and I feel very lucky that I was not too late for this one! Read what Ursula wrote about this piece… I think it was just meant to be.

From inside – out

A great rendering of an emotion trying to get to the surface

A good painting for the office or a place with action expected

The red color will  lift the spirit

When this piece was selected, I had not made the connection. It’s only now, after the fact, that it all makes sense!  Read more on my office overhaul here, and tell me if you think this piece was meant to be…

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