One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

What a nice surprise!

This weekend the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ was sent my way 🙂

Thank you so much to Heather from grillfusion for the nomination!

If you haven’t stopped by grillfusion, you really must! I mean seriously, you have see Heather’s DIY Name Plate Sign. Looove this sign! Not to mention Heather’s road-side find Cabinet Restoration. And there’s so much more! So make sure you pop by to say, hi!

In honour of this award, I have to share 7 things about myself with you! And you know what? It’s harder than you think to come up with 7 things… I might have over-shared here, here, and here! 😉

But here goes…

  • I love canned pears, but have never tried canning them myself, until this summer…

Canned Pears

  • I don’t like snakes, NOT. ONE. BIT! In fact, they terrify me 😐 But, according to Chinese astrology I was born in the year of the snake! Seriously, how does that work?
  • I still use my pin cushion from high school, along with my Grandmother’s thimble. Both are considered vintage! Eeek!!!

Vintage Pin Cusion circa 1978

J.S. Bach

Joseph Abraham Music

  •  Have you ever heard of a wine spritzer called ‘Pretty Toes’? Not me either. But after one or two under the hot summer sun, let’s just say a recipe has been concocted. And that’s all I’m say’n!

  • I know this will probably surprise you, but texting drives me crazy. I’m just not that into it! Drives my daughter even more crazy that I’m not!

Port-to-Port Consulting

  • I work best when I’m curled up somewhere comfy. If I had my way, I’d never work at a desk… but ergonomics tell me I should!

Yoga Belly Blog

Just out of curiosity, how many of you do work like this? If not, you might want to read this article.

Thank you again, Heather for including me in the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’!

And now I am passing on this nomination to:

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Pass it on, and nominate 15 other bloggers (or as many as you can). Don’t forget to add the blog award logo to your post and thank the person who nominated you!

Have some fun with this! 🙂

10 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  • Well what a nice way to start a week. Thank you SO much for the award Sheila:)) It’s always nice to learn more about my favourite bloggers. I love that you come from such a strong ancestral line but you’re really going to have to work on the texting thing, kay???

    • You are so welcome! It’s always fun to learn something new about you, too 🙂 And that texting thing. UG!!! I just don’t love it. You know how it is, I’m not very good at the g8, c u l8r, stuff! I fight with the auto correct, and then watch my daughter roll her eyes 😉 But… I do use it. Just don’t tell anyone!

  • I’m flattered! Thank you so much. It’s always nice to know there’s someone paying attention and I always look forward to your blog and the comments you leave on mine. I’m realizing more and more that we have a lot in common, although I don’t think I’m related to Bach. Enjoy your week!

  • Thanks so much Sheila! I love your blog and I always look forward to your comments on mine. I told you I would not do this for just anyone. But you are so special that I must! 🙂

  • Thank you Sheila – what a nice surprise. I love learning more about you. I wish I could say I work like that and I do on most days at my FT job. If I’m just leisurely reading or browsing, then I’m usually on the couch but if I’m working on a project or working on a blog post I’m usually sitting at the table or desk. My Mom’s pin cushion looks just like that too.

  • I don’t have an iPhone, so I couldn’t text even if I wanted to – I’m really old OLD school! And I seem to recall my grandma having a pincushion similar to yours right down to the little embellishment hanging from it. Which I’m sure serves a purpose, although I have no idea what!

    Thanks for passing the award along to me 🙂

    • Texting makes me feel like I’m all thumbs, and who needs to add that to a self-image? 😉 I seem to recall the little embellishment is for sharpening your needles… of course I have no first-hand knowledge of using it for that! Just a clue into my world of sewing, which is why I probably still have my high school pin cushion! 🙂

  • You are too sweet, I know exactly what you mean by a nice surprise! 🙂 Fun to learn more about you, I don’t mind snakes or even mice, but get a grasshopper near me and I go thru the roof! I have my grandma’s thimble and I love it! Thanks for the intro to a few new blogs, too!

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