Oops, I Did It Again!

Oops, I Did It Again!

Okay, I’ve been trying to tackle my project list instead of add to it, but this project is one that I’ve been dreaming of! And when the iron is hot… well, you know how it goes 😉 So… surprise, I’ve added another!

When hubby and I were visiting our friends in Sooke last weekend we stopped into the Langford ReStore on our way home. I always like to drop in when I’m in the area. You never know what DIY is just waiting to happen, right? Cruising through the lighting section is how I begin my tour… And there it was! My DIY waiting to come home with me.

But let’s back up for a moment.

This is our dining area.

5-light Builder's Standard Chandelier

And this is another view.

Misaligned chandelier to dining table

Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? Besides the builder’s standard, not-so-attractive chandelier, how about it’s placement?

Right. What were they thinking? The chandelier is centered in the room instead of over the actual dining area. And yes, we’ve had more than one tall person unsuspectingly hit their head on it.

Since we don’t own this home, it’s not in our best interest to reroute the light, and then have the ceiling repaired. Notice the textured ceiling? So, I’ve been wanting to find a swagged fixture to replace this one, and ‘swag’ it properly into position over the table.

And this is what ReStore had in store for us…

Wrought Iron Candle-Socket Chandelier

It’s a brand new fixture with one tiny flaw in it, which you’ll never see once the chandelier is hung. And I like that the candle sockets are wrought iron instead of plastic… and all at a ReStore price!

My plans are to spray it out black so it works with the rest of our decor.

This is what you see from the dining room.

Steam Punk Clock

Notice the clock?

That’s one of the reasons I think we need to go black – both pieces are accent features, so I think they need to compliment each other. And then of course, there’s the black fireplace to keep in mind, too.

So tomorrow I’m off to pick up my paint and get the spraying part done. And barring any mishaps, we should be able to get the chandelier hung up this weekend.

This is one thing I’ll be happy to have in place!

How about you? Are you looking for something key to change up your space?

It’s always so great to find a bargain, but when I find my bargain at ReStore it makes me super happy, because I know the money is going to support a great cause. And I like the fact that I’m working with the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recyle – that’s where the real value is in the bargain!



It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story! 

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Photos: Sheila Zeller

11 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again!”

  • Why oh why do builders AlWAYS position the dining room fixture off centre from where the dining table is obviously going to go? Your new swagged fixture will be perfect…..

  • Love the new fixture and it’ll be even better painted black. Builders really need a lesson on where to put the light fixtures. They are almost always in the wrong place in every dinette and dining room I’ve been in. We had our kitchen dinette fixture moved when I had an electrician in to do another job, so much better now.

  • It’s this unfortunate thing… code requires builders to put lights in the MIDDLE of the room. And inevitably… this does not coincide with where a light fixture should be over a table. Homeowners are allowed to move it, but at that point it’s no longer up to code and you might be forced to move it back when it comes time to sell. Stupid, no?
    Love the ReStore… we always hit the one in Sarasota when we visit family.

  • What a find! I am always looking for something like that! To fix the whole off center thing at our house {we rent too} hubs installed a ceiling hook, which I painted white and then we hung the chain from the junction box over to the center Does that make sense?

  • Tell you the truth – I would choose red- too much black makes the room too – streamlined and get a magazine look you want personalty, sorry my 2 bits.

  • You found that at Restore??!! What a huge score! I was in our local Restore last week and they had a ton of great stuff. The light fixture area left a little to be desired but I couldn’t get over the inventory overall. It’s going to look great in your dining area.

  • I love the Restore too! Try to get to one at least once a month. I think you found the perfect light..can’t wait to see the transformation!

  • FANTASTIC find! The candle type chadeliers with the wrought iron are rare. They don’t suffer the same fate as their plastic Chinese cousins -twice removed- The browning and crumbling of the socket tubes. Use heat resistant black paint for a long lasting look. Congrats on the great find! PV

    • Hey Peter! Thanks for leaving a comment. It was awesome to see your name pop up! I was thrilled to see the sockets were also wrought iron – I’m not crazy about the plastic, but seriously thought that’s what these would be. That’s why I love ReStore – you just never know what you’re going to find!

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