Organizing: Adding Shelving to Poorly Used Spaces

Organizing: Adding Shelving to Poorly Used Spaces

Just a few small tweaks can make a huge difference to utilizing storage, and being way more organized within! And then when it’s all said and done, you wonder why it took you so long, right?

Over the weekend I tackled two small spaces. Here’s the difference installing just a few shelves will make.

Cupboard over the stove.

Such a pain to access, and often underutilized!

Wasted space, no? I keep these things up here because I don’t use them that often, but that’s no excuse to have them stored so inefficiently, now is it?

A simple installation of two prefinished shelves, cut to size, and this space is like a whole new custom cupboard. I actually have a stack of fondue plates sitting on top of the grill. They’re set in a tray making them easy to lift out, and the cupboard space to be put to full use. As far as access goes, I have a small step ladder tucked close-by.

Hall closet.

Whoever built this home did not make the hall closet deep enough. As a result we don’t use it to hang anything in it except empty hangers, because otherwise the door rubs on garment sleeves when it’s opened and closed.

More wasted space! It was actually filled to capacity with stuff toppling over, but I didn’t think to take a true ‘before’ photo… this is a quick phone shot snapped in the knick of time. Here, I keep my basic sewing things for quick access, and the rest is downstairs with more craft supplies. Recognize the little red tool box?

We installed a quick rail and bracket system with simple pine boards.

Tip: I didn’t buy prefinished pine shelving because it was twice the price of a plain pine board. I also had the board cut right on site into the shelving size I needed, and was good to go!

This closet is storage for all things seldom used, but easy to access when needed. Did you notice the iron and ironing board in there? Yes, all things seldom used!

So if you’re wanting to beef up your storage to be more efficient, don’t get bogged down in the details. Shelving will never fail you, and you’ll be so glad you added it in!

How are things working out for you in your home? If you read my project motivator and friend Carol’s post over at the Design Pages, then you’ll know this is all part of a bigger plan to knock a few projects off the ‘to do’ list. There will definitely be bigger and prettier projects to come! Stay tuned 🙂

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller

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