Sweeeet Car-o-line…

Sweeeet Car-o-line…

Do you remember that tune? You know, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond? No, he wasn’t in my music collection either, but he was my Mom’s favorite!

Anyway, Sweet Caroline. What’s up with that?

Well, Sweet Caroline, Margarita, Marguerite, and Illusion Emerald Lace are the ornamental Sweet Potato Vine plants I was lucky enough to find on Saturday!

Illusion Emerald Lace, Marguerite, Margarita, Sweet Caroline

You see, when I showed you my planters last week they were actually missing the one plant I really wanted in them, and that was any limy green variety of an ornamental Sweet Potato Vine!

Now that I’ve found them, they have been added to the planters, and WOW, what a difference this zip of colour makes.

Here’s a couple of comparison photos, and then I promise to move on from the planters!

You might remember, this is the planter at the front door without the Sweet Potato Vine.

Spiky Red Star, Lavender Wave Petunia, Regatta Rose Lobelia

It’s pretty, and once it fills out it will be really showy.

Here’s what the planter looks like now with the ‘Illusion Emerald Lace‘ added.

Illusion Emerald Lace Sweet Potato Vine

I think it snaps the planter to life with its hit of chartreuse green.

And I have to thank my friend Holly over at West Pear Avenue for helping me out. You see, Holly planted this very variety in her own planter. I knew it was Sweet Potato Vine, but that’s all, and when I commented on it, she was so awesome by following up to tell me the name of it. This is why I love the world of blogging!

Here’s a look at Holly’s planter.

Illusion Emerald Lace, Sweet Potato Vine

Photo: West Pear Avenue

Isn’t it pretty? And look how full her potato vine is already! I hope you’ll pop by West Pear Avenue to see what Holly has been up to 🙂

And Holly, thanks so much for your help!

Here’s a look at a couple of my other planters prior to this showy addition.

Remember these ones from the terracotta planter makeovers?

The splash of red really works…

But what do you think about them with this hit of chartreuse?

How about from a bird’s-eye view?

Kind of looks like Christmas in summer! And the planters really pop from the street.

In the large planter I added Marguerite at the back, more Illusion Emerald Lace, and then Sweet Caroline at the front. The smaller planter has Margarita in it.

I added more of these to the other planters in the garden as well, but I promised you I’d move on! But seriously, isn’t it amazing what a difference one little colour tweak can make? And don’t forget, this is true for your inside decor, too!

Oh, did you notice the buds of new geranium flowers coming along? I can’t wait to see how all the planters fill out this summer!

Where are you spending your time these days, inside or out? Any projects taking place? Any needing a little colour tweak?

Today I was back to my painting projects, and one of them was painting the wood for the frame of the sweet pea trellis. There’ll be more on that! My sweet peas have been planted, and Dad has planted his. Let the games begin… or at least the friendly competition to see whose grow in the best!



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Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise stated

11 thoughts on “Sweeeet Car-o-line…”

  • Sheila, thank you so much – I can’t believe you gave me a shout out. You are so kind and you’re right that’s what blogging world is all about 😉 I think I’ve used the Sweet Caroline variety in the past so I knew the Emerald Lace would be something new/something fun. Isn’t it amazing how that vine really brings the whole planter to life? And wait until a month or two from now when it’s all full, gushing and cascading from your planter – woo! We’ve had a lot of rain here in PA so I think that’s why my plants are doing so well so far. They really are low maintenance which is so great too. And I can’t wait to post a photo of my winter garage geranium – it’s doing unbelieveably well. Would never know it was in a garage all winter. Thanks again Sheila – was quite the nice surprise!

    • Hi Holly,

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday! We were having frustrating internet troubles, and I finally gave technology up for the day!

      You are so welcome for the shout-out! It’s always nice to be able to return a favor, and your help with the potato vine was very helpful, so ‘thank you’!

  • I love plants in pots and the older I get the less I enjoy planting flowers in the ground. Pots are easier and you can move them around if you need a pop color in a certain spot. I love your color combination of flowers you’ve been a busy bee!

  • I love using sweet potato vine too because it is like a little light bulb- lights everything in the planter up! There are dark potato vines too but I def prefer the bright green. A great addition to your planters Sheila! My, my girl, how do you find the time! 🙂

  • Gosh, I wish I could do as much gardening as you do ………. it seems to rain every time I head out to do some. Okay fine, I will suck it up and put my rain boots to give my garden a little TLC. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • I usually cram a lot of it in when the sun is shining, and then my body pays! I’m hearing you on the rain – I’ve had an outdoor appointment booked since Monday, and it’s been postponed because of weather, until finally today – the sun is shining! As long as it hold out until 3 my appointment will go ahead… fingers crossed, fingers crossed! I’m betting you have cool rain boots to garden in 😉

  • The potato vines are the perfect finishing touches to your planters – LOVE the pops of bright green 🙂 Your planters are already looking good, they’ll be even more beautiful when they fill out 🙂

    (My morning glories are growing like crazy, but so far only 3 sweet peas have sprouted. Oh well, better 3 than 0!)

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