Our DIY BBQ Pad – Day 1

Our DIY BBQ Pad – Day 1

At last, a stretch of sunny weather that allowed us to get back outside and work on the BBQ pad I wrote about here. But ‘we’ actually turned out to be my Dad! Dad loves a project and this one was right up his alley, so he took it over for us… I was his ‘helper’, and hubby made sure we were fed!

Here’s a long ago ‘before’ shot when we first moved in…

The area has definitely been cleaned up since this early photo, but I thought you should have a true ‘before’ perspective.

After checking out our local choices, and then some back and forth discussion we opted to go with textured 20″x20″ concrete slabs.

For the small area we have to work with, these slabs create a nice, even surface, and blend well with the rock that’s already in the driveway.

The first step was to level the area out.

There’s just a shallow topping of soil over solid rock, so the levelling was pretty straight forward.

Then we did a test run with the slabs, laying each one in and tweaking the level.

Normally you would spread a layer of sand first, but we bypassed this step as the slabs went in without a lot of hassel.

After fitting and levelling all the slabs, they got pulled back out so we could line the area with landscape fabric!

But first a little break… and a photo op, meaning my only chance to coerce Dad to look at the camera!

He wouldn’t smile… hates posing for the camera, even though I warned him he was headed for the blog!

And then back to work laying the landscape fabric, and installing the slabs.

Notice how we left extra fabric?

That’s because we wanted it to come up the sides of the slabs.

And this is where we left off on Day one.

If you pop by tomorrow I’ll show you the reveal!

And how about you? Did you get to play in the sun this weekend… maybe tackle a project or two?



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Photos by Sheila Zeller

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