Our DIY BBQ Pad – Reveal Day!

Our DIY BBQ Pad – Reveal Day!

So here’s where we left off yesterday with the DIY BBQ pad project.

Day 2 started with a quick trip for a few bins of gravel, while Dad handled the sand and the last block to put into place. You see, the block needed to be cut on an angle, and he has all the tools for that kind of work!

See the last block?

We set it into place, and then built up some rock under the steps. This is just a border to help keep the gravel in place.

Because next we pulled all the large rocks out that were bordering the gravel driveway and pad area.

And this is where the bins of gravel came in.

We flattened out the edges of the landscape fabric, and then poured gravel over top.

Raked it to spread it around evenly, including up where the hose reel sits.

The new gravel is a bit larger than the driveway gravel, and here it’s wet, so is a lot darker, but it will help keep the slabs in place.

The next step was pouring sand into all the cracks, and sweeping it into the edges.

With the sand pretty much topped up in all the cracks, the excess landscape fabric was trimmed off. In case you’re wondering, the landscape fabric is just to help keep the inevitable weeds down!

Then the sand was gently saturated with the hose to pack it down into the cracks.

This is what the pad looks like with the sand packed down into the cracks.

Can you see how much it sunk down? This is what was anticipated, and the point of saturating the sand.

So on hands and knees, more sand was shoveled into the cracks.

Until the pad looked like this.

And was left to dry. We’ll have to add more sand here and there, but for the most part it’s packed in flush with the slabs. Notice how the gravel is already getting closer to the colour of the driveway gravel as it dries?

We didn’t put the BBQ on the pad the same day we finished it…

And you’ll see the weather decided to change on us by the time we did!

No more bright sun shining down on this project!

Here’s a little look back at the very beginning ‘Before’.

And the ‘After’ now.

With the BBQ ‘Before’…

And ‘After’. Well, it’s a new BBQ under the cover. Remember, the wind did our last one in! See how much closer we can snug it up to the house now?

My hubby just laughed when I said I wanted a new cover now, too! He said he predicted that! But I guess it’s not a huge priority, just an aesthetic indulgence 😉

Now with the pad complete, as all things go, one project leads to another.

Did you notice the broken step?

Let’s just say an ‘N’ driver was backing up 😉 So we’re going to replace the step, and take this opportunity to repaint the whole porch, too!

As for the heat pump ‘yard ornament’… well I have something like this in mind, but with diamond shaped lattice instead.

Source: Home Depot

And I’m hoping Dad will help us make this happen! 🙂

And then of course, plants. I want to put a bunch of potted plants all around to soften the gray of the concrete and gravel, and bring in a little green. This area gets full sun all afternoon (when the sun actually shines!), so I’ll need some help to select the right plants.

Do you have any favorites you’d recommend? For this gardener the plants have to be hearty, and semi low maintenance. Geraniums and I get along! Does that help?



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 Photos by Sheila Zeller

14 thoughts on “Our DIY BBQ Pad – Reveal Day!”

  • It’s so much nicer than before and hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to test out the bbq in it’s new home. As far as plants go definitely geraniums for full sun areas. Also begonias work well in my full sun backyard. A little more work in that you have to pull them up in the fall but they do have beautiful blooms.

  • Wow, that looks so great. It’s hard to believe that a bunch of concrete stones can really improve the look so much but it’s nice and neat now. I’m still nervous about attempting my own transformation but you’ve inspired me a little bit:)

  • That looks so clean and neat…very nice! What a great little space you have there…I’m really not a big plant person, so I wouldn’t have a clue as to what to put there without doing some research first, but I’m sure you will get a lot of help and advice and it’s going to look fabulous, as do all your projects! Come on nice weather!!

  • Don’t you have the most adorable home EVER!!! Yes, the bbq pad was much needed and is a perfect location. Can’t wait to see everything revealed in your back yard. Oh and I’m looking forward to an invite. Have a lovely day Sheila!

  • Looking good and a nice clean look back there now – nice job! Full sun…mmmm…can’t go wrong with the geraniums they are so pretty and what about coleus? They would add some nice color, pretty low maintenance, and I believe can handle the sun.

  • Wow! What a great job! So nice to have your Dad helping. I wished mine lived closer because he would love to help me with projects. Really is coming along so nice- when is the barbecue party? 🙂

  • Your dad did an amazing job. I like your ideas and really like how you explain to everyone how things were done:)

  • Looking good Sheila! I would suggest potting up some hardy perennial grasses, as they add great texture and can handle getting quite dry if you forget to water them. I also love Nandina Domesticans (Heavenly Bamboo) which thrives year round in pots, adding lovely color and texture even during a bleak winter.

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