Packaging Perfection!

Packaging Perfection!

Not too long ago I entered a ‘giveaway‘ over at Row House Nest with Wooden Spoon Editions… and was the lucky winner of a fab sand dollar print.

Well, I just received it in the mail yesterday, and first let me just say that the print is as fab in person as it looks on line.

Wanna see?

Don’t mind my lighting – it’s showing a little too bright, but I bet you can look past that and see what I’m talking about, right? Oh, the print is just the white, not all the rocks!

I’m really looking forward to placing this piece in our home.

But not only is the print a beautiful piece, you should have seen how it was packaged!

Okay, I’ll show  you…

This was one side.

Love the detail in the string itself, but also how it’s splayed and tied! And I really like the way the cardboard was cut out. If corners are going to get bent, it won’t be the corners of the print. Smart.

This was the other side.

Isn’t recycling a paint chip for a ‘Thank You’ tag a great idea?

I really like the names of the paint samples, too. They seem to fit with the sand dollars…

Honesty… Cosmic Rays… Misty Surf. What do you think?

Along with the presentation in the packaging, I was impressed even further when I untied it.

Can you believe the string and tag were all one piece?

So that means some strategic planning was in place long before the knot was ever tied!

Here’s another look at the knot side.

Are you as impressed as I am?

So if you’re looking for a great piece of art along with a pleasant experience right down to the packaging, look no further. Visit Wooden Spoon Editions Etsy shop, and Sarah will take care of the rest!

Don’t they say, it’s all in the packaging? Well, I have to say this was the total package!

Thank you again, Sarah!

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3 thoughts on “Packaging Perfection!”

  • Wow, so neat! And I must say, that you have inspired me with your knack for the details – I love it! You bring up a great point…most if not all of my Etsy purchases have come so beautifully packaged…often with a hand written message from the artist/seller and unique packaging details. Next time I’m going to snap some photos just like you did! Enjoy your new print.

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