Packing the Cube Van: Blueprint in Action!

Packing the Cube Van: Blueprint in Action!

I promised to tell you how the blueprint to pack the cube van worked out, you know the one my Dad created for our move? (Read about it here).

Here is how it went 🙂

So the first potential hiccup…

The blueprint didn’t account for Jack and Dolly coming along for the ride! But they are a package deal. Wherever the van goes, they go.

So, out came the blueprint and the trusty tape measure.

After some discussion our moving man agreed to relocate Jack from the back, and together Jack and Dolly were taken to ground level 😉

The second hiccup, the cube van had more space inside than the dimensions we were working with. Now seriously, is that really a problem when you’re moving?

Do you remember the first layer of the blueprint?

The buffet was the key piece to get this party started!

Up and in she goes.

And this pile of bins isn’t just any pile of bins.

Oh no, not at all. They were strategically picked and packed right down to the lids being taped on so they could fill in underneath the buffet. The taped bins had to stand on their side behind the carved detail at the bottom of the buffet, and the other three had to sit upright in front of it. I’m not kidding. These fillers were like footings, and especially now with the extra room in the van! They had to help hold things in snugly.

Next, protect the buffet with a blanket, and move in the love seats. The love seats were pushed together, face-to-face with the seat cushions removed so the dresser could sit on them.

So far so good! Can you tell by the smile?

Still working on the first level, but now we’re filling in the love seats…

Yup, there it goes – the dresser into the center of the love seats.


Next the beds are being layered on top of the love seats… except this is hiccup number three.

You see the split box spring? Well that was drawn into the blueprint as a solid box spring. Hmmm. What to rework so the load doesn’t slide.

An impromptu collaboration…

And it’s all good.

The desk gets strapped in, and we’re good to go. The desk was supposed to fit snug up to the mattresses, each holding the other in. Now can you see how the split box spring and larger van almost created pandemonium? 😐


After this the rest dropped into place, according to plan 😉

And do you remember Jack?

Well he had to be factored back into the footprint… and as for Dolly, she was pretty easy going. She didn’t care where she went as long as she was along for the ride!

Voilà! Can you believe the room to spare?

So guess what?

We slipped in a few more boxes… just because we could!

And now the doors get swung shut.

Oops, look out for the cedar branch. No need to take the greenery too… even if there is enough space for it!

Okay, maybe just one small  limb.

Thank you to Andrew Poland for the cube van rental. As Andrew says, if you need a lift, give him a call. We highly recommend that you do!

So there you have it, from blueprint to packed cube van. Oh, and the van was packed in 2 hours. Are you moving any time soon? If you are doing the moving yourself, definitely consider the blueprint approach. It cut our time down, probably by half, because there was no guesswork involved. We had the dimensions, the blueprint… and Dad. Thanks Dad.

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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